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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How to take make money....

On schirmers latest regurgitation of the nonsense that continually spews out of his mouth he has written:
Learn how the mind works and as Napoleon Hill said, “Money will come so fast and so furious, you will wonder where it has been all this time.” It has for me and I know it will for you.

What he conveniently forgets to add when explaining all of this money that he ends up with, is to actually say where it comes from. It comes from a multitude of bank accounts from good living people that made the mistake of "investing" with him. These people are people looking for
ways of investing their money. And they have money!! Investing with schirmer of course, meant that they lost some, but it is not the end for them because they actually do know how to make money, without screwing anyone over. No doubt those people have moved on and are continuing to grow their wealth, but at the same time they realise they have a duty of care to others to ensure that noone else fulls into schirmers pit of lies and depravation. You will have never heard about these people because they are not looking to have an adoring crowd telling them how wonderful they are. They just go about their lives, building wealth to retire and enjoy themselves. schirmer on the other hand NEEDS the crowds of adoring people. He needs people to tell him how good he is because he realises that he has screwed so many people over that he
actually feels dirty, and the only way of covering that feeling is the adulation from an ill-informed crowd.

schirmer has some very strange ideas about money, and it is these strange ideas that will ensure that he never has much. Sure he will get some from time to time, but it will never amount to much and it will never become a stable commodity that allows him to sit back, relax and do
things unrelated to making money. He has what is called a "deficit/poverty mentality". He always spends more than he has, hence the need to continually scam money of others and the reason he continues to not pay his bills. It is a life of misery that he lives, never knowing from
one day to the next where his next meal is coming from or who will be taking him to court. He talks about showing you how to live the life of your dreams yet he has no idea how to given that he lives a life of constant lies and deception. I couldn't think of anything worse. He has
no friends, although there are those that might call him a friend, but that will all end in tears eventually when they wake up to what he is doing. schirmer has no concept of what a friend is, because he sees everyone as an opportunity to exploit.

So if you want an example of how to make money? Watch schirmer and do the exact opposite.

So far it seems that his attempts at coming over here to the US have been thwarted, so lets hope it stays that way. We have enough problems of our own here at the moment without having to deal with imbeciles like schirmer.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Promises, Promises.....and that is all you get!!

Some interesting facts were passed through to me this week from some friends in Australia.  It has come to light that schirmer shows an interesting trend of starting something, promising future editions on a regular interval and then never following through with the promise.  It is a bit like the promises he makes to everyone, investors included and even on National Television.  It is obvious he uses the promise of more to come as part of his marketing strategy to suck people in then once he has their attention or money then he never delivers again.  Now that is a great way to run a business!!  No wonder he is continually having to try something new, as he can never stick to anything for long and all of this is reflected in the poor state of his business.

This is a news letter that started and promised more, but nothing ever eventuated:

On his YouTube response to the A Current Affair report that exposed him he promised weekly updates...of course that was the first and last:

He then started a blog to explain the Australian Market that was supposed to be weekly but ended up all over the place with a number being back dated (to make himself look clever when in fact he doesn't have a clue).  The last one of those was seen in January 2008:

So now he has started another one, but in his usual fashion it is all hindsight trading, and the bit he does forecast was wrong!!!:

Then their is his Succeed Magazine which in its short history has already missed one issue and now the issue due in "on October 1st, 2008" never eventuated.  So as mentioned on a previous posting here about the "SUCCEED" magazine "FAILING" it looks like I was a few months out.  Another source suggests that he has promised to have it out as follows:

"The magazine is going to press this week and will be available for distribution by the end of next week.  They will be making this issue December/January 2009 because of the serious delays."

"This week" is referring to the week beginning the 27 October, so "end of next week" is referring to the week ending the 7th November, 2008.  So one could suggest that this could be another promise like all the other promises above.

You can see schirmer's statement regarding the proposed dates of his magazine on the this site:

Note that the magazine cover that is shown for the October issue is in fact the August issue suggesting that the October issue has never been even thought about.  Hope you are not a subscriber because you have probably just lost your money.  If this is the case I would suggest that you contact the Australian Authorities that follow up of this sort of theft, namely the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Schirmer sues his Lawyer??? What the???

One of my Australian contacts has sent through a listing for the Supreme Court in Victoria and would you believe it......Schirmer is suing his Lawyer.  For years now Schirmer has been threatening and intimidating all the people that he screwed over by having this lawyer (Lederman) send out letters suggesting that he was going to bring them before the Supreme Court and other fire breathing antics that never amounted to anything other than hot air.

The Supreme Court listing is for the company that Schirmer set up to purchase the house that is seen in a number of the A Current Affair videos and the one that had been mentioned in a lot of his marketing crap.  And by "Marketing Crap" I really mean
 "MARKETING CRAP"!!  Never has so many lies and deceptive rubbish been written than what schirmer writes in this stuff.

However, I digress, back to the matter at hand.  Schirmers lawyer had a caveat over the proper for some reason (a guess would be that schirmer owed him money, easy guess really because that is what schirmer is forever being chased for!!) and now the property has been sold and there is obviously some problem in finalising matters that the lawyer is causing.  So in good schirmer fashion he even takes on his lawyer!!

When will the idiot scumbag ever learn that he has done something wrong!!!  In fact his every action is wrong, his ideas are wrong, he can't trade, he has no idea around money (other than taking others money and spending it) and the list goes on and on.  It would seem like he is hurtling towards a big bang, and the end will not be pretty, not that the present situation is pretty either.  Oh well, perhaps the law of attraction does work!!

Here is the direct link to the document, or here, and you will see schirmers action at the bottom of the document.

The following is an excerpt from a publicly available document from an Australian Government Authority that manages companies there, showing the caveat that schirmers lawyer had over schirmers property:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is this the hiding place?

According to some inside information just to hand this is where Schirmers business has gone to. These are the same place, but not sure of the correct way of addressing it:

C1 East Boundary Road,
Scoresby Industry Park,
Scoresby, VIC, 3179


Block C, Unit 1 (C1)
Janine Street (or East Boundary Road),
Scoresby Industry Park,
Scoresby, VIC 3179

Monday, August 18, 2008

Is this where he has moved to??

I have had some information sent to me that suggests schirmer has moved to the place as shown in the Google Earth map below. It is Scoresby in Melbourne....can anyone confirm this?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Where did he move to??

According to Schirmers marketing ( he is moving. Does anyone know where he went to??

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rhonda Byrnes being sued ... maybe the Law of Attraction does work!!!

Now I know the secret.......and there is no doubt now that all the participants of this sorry tale called "The Secret" are driven by greed and self importance.  There has never been a shred of evidence to suggest that all the claims made by this soap opera caste have ever worked and now we are seeing without a doubt that it is the biggest con job ever pulled on this scale.

Now we see that the actual creator of the secret, a Drew Heriot, who put this whole thing together has been shafted by Rhonda Byrnes.  She made promises then never kept them.  Sound familiar?  Just like Schirmer she sucked in all the people she needed to get her little scam off the ground, and then when it worked she cut them all out of the profits that had been generated by those people.  Now we know the the law of attraction and every other law that has been touted since then is nothing more than a mechanism by which to extract maximum effort, time and money out of others to keep your own pockets lined.  The whole concept is based on SELF, which everyone knows is the exact opposite of what is needed for this world to live in harmony.  Self promotes self over and above others around you and gives you a sense of superiority, which eventually leads to justifying ripping everyone off.

So now Rhonda Byrnes is finding herself in court, being sued by Drew Heriot.  See the court document here.

Also see a very good article about this by Cosmic Connie at her blog here.  She also has a very good article on the new cosy relationship between Schirmer and Joe Vitale, two of the best snake oil merchants around in this industry.

One thing is for sure, Schirmer is quickly associating with those just like him, and is now starting to reveal his real colors

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Schirmer in court....again!!

I have just been informed that Schirmer is to appear back in the Australian Federal Court again.  This time it is not his mate Bob Proctor but someone that nobody has heard of!!  I read somewhere recently where it was claimed that Schirmer screws everybody over no matter what.  Even if there is no need to he will do it just because he can.  Now I am thinking that this may just be true because when he ends up in court by someone that none of the Schirmer watchers have ever heard about you start to realize that he just cannot help himself.  He is simply evil, and he tries to cover that up by playing the "I am a Christian" card while at the same time stealing and destroying the lives of vulnerable, gullible and those trying to help him.  Schirmer is the perfect case study of what not to do to become a successful, respectful and compassionate human being.

The next episode of the Schirmer demise in court can be seen here:

So, how many times does Schirmer need to be hauled before the courts before people start to realize that he is a fraud and a liar, which is of course what many people in Australia have been saying for a while now.  Schirmer stated somewhere that we would all know the truth soon, and it seems that the truth is starting to appear now, but it is very much like the truth that his victims have been telling everyone about for quite some time now.

My Australian friends it would seem were right all along.

Apparently he is currently trying to sell his trading seminar for an astonishing price of AUD$10,000 and it runs for about 2 days.  The interesting part is that on one of those days he has to be in court for the above mentioned court case.  It astounds me that there are so many people out there that do not realize that he is a conman and steer clear of him.

I await to hear about the next court case!!  At least he can now stop bleating about no one taking him to court.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The evidence against Schirmer is starting to mount

It has been quite sometime since I put anything up here, not for lack of material, just a lack of time.

So things are really starting to unravel for Schirmer now.  At least he can stop bleating about "nobody has produced any evidence against me in court" as his best mate Bob Proctor has just had him in court and won.  Following is the link to the order from the court:

And he has again appeared on Australia's A Current Affair for the fifth time!!  Check out all episodes here, including the New Zealand TV episode on "Closeup".

A few comments that were made on that episode are quite telling:

  1. Angus (investor) said: "If he continues to do this he is going to be on the run forever."
  2. Ivan (investor) said: "Schirmer sitting at home with his wife saying 'It will all go away', but it won't.  The investors are fair dinkum about this."
I have been told that most of his websites have been taken down and the ones that are still up are either so old and out of date or funny for the outlandish comments that he makes.

Here is one outlandish claim from someone who it appears can only lose money in the market:

"I am now one of the most successful stock market investors in the world."

Go here to see it for yourself.  It is under the heading "Tip2:"
Also under that same heading is some advice:

"A word of warning: DO NOT allow other people to invest your money for you!"

I guess he should know why not!!!!!!!!!

It has now become obvious that this is not going to end with Schirmer admitting to his wrong doings and seeking a resolution as any rational person would do, but rather it will only end when Schirmer has been cornered and led away in shame and embarrassment for the whole world to see.

The next laugh will be when the "Succeed Magazine" fails, how ironic!!  With Schirmers history of failed companies even he should have seen that trying to publish a magazine called "Succeed" was bound to create a few laughs eventually.  You can use all the right words you like to try and fool yourself but it will not cover up your incompetence.

Caught in New Zealand

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