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Saturday, April 4, 2009

If you don't get your own way...then threaten them

It would seem that schirmer has threatened someone about the A Current Affair videos that were on YouTube, as they seem to have all disappeared.

schirmer had initally claimed that Channel 9, the company that owns the videos, had them removed. This was claimed in a post that schirmer himself put up, then just as quickly removed it, for reasons only schirmer would know. However this is typical of schirmer to lie to everyone to try and save his own skin. On YouTube it clearly states that the videos were removed for supposed copyright issues by a company called "schirmer Financial Management". Now correct me if I am wrong, but that sounds more like a schirmer company than one belonging to Channel 9!!!

Above is part of schirmers blog post that has now been taken down suggesting that Channel 9 removed the videos from YouTube.

Click for a larger image
Above is a YouTube page clearly showing that it was schirmer who had it removed!!

So, in the interests of the community I have added some links to at least 4 of the videos directly from the Channel 9 A Current Affair show web site for all to see. One of the videos has sound but no audio, for reasons known only to Channel 9.

Watch out for my next insight into schirmer's trading ability, which is quite different to what he is telling everyone.

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