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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rhonda Byrnes being sued ... maybe the Law of Attraction does work!!!

Now I know the secret.......and there is no doubt now that all the participants of this sorry tale called "The Secret" are driven by greed and self importance.  There has never been a shred of evidence to suggest that all the claims made by this soap opera caste have ever worked and now we are seeing without a doubt that it is the biggest con job ever pulled on this scale.

Now we see that the actual creator of the secret, a Drew Heriot, who put this whole thing together has been shafted by Rhonda Byrnes.  She made promises then never kept them.  Sound familiar?  Just like Schirmer she sucked in all the people she needed to get her little scam off the ground, and then when it worked she cut them all out of the profits that had been generated by those people.  Now we know the the law of attraction and every other law that has been touted since then is nothing more than a mechanism by which to extract maximum effort, time and money out of others to keep your own pockets lined.  The whole concept is based on SELF, which everyone knows is the exact opposite of what is needed for this world to live in harmony.  Self promotes self over and above others around you and gives you a sense of superiority, which eventually leads to justifying ripping everyone off.

So now Rhonda Byrnes is finding herself in court, being sued by Drew Heriot.  See the court document here.

Also see a very good article about this by Cosmic Connie at her blog here.  She also has a very good article on the new cosy relationship between Schirmer and Joe Vitale, two of the best snake oil merchants around in this industry.

One thing is for sure, Schirmer is quickly associating with those just like him, and is now starting to reveal his real colors

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Schirmer in court....again!!

I have just been informed that Schirmer is to appear back in the Australian Federal Court again.  This time it is not his mate Bob Proctor but someone that nobody has heard of!!  I read somewhere recently where it was claimed that Schirmer screws everybody over no matter what.  Even if there is no need to he will do it just because he can.  Now I am thinking that this may just be true because when he ends up in court by someone that none of the Schirmer watchers have ever heard about you start to realize that he just cannot help himself.  He is simply evil, and he tries to cover that up by playing the "I am a Christian" card while at the same time stealing and destroying the lives of vulnerable, gullible and those trying to help him.  Schirmer is the perfect case study of what not to do to become a successful, respectful and compassionate human being.

The next episode of the Schirmer demise in court can be seen here:

So, how many times does Schirmer need to be hauled before the courts before people start to realize that he is a fraud and a liar, which is of course what many people in Australia have been saying for a while now.  Schirmer stated somewhere that we would all know the truth soon, and it seems that the truth is starting to appear now, but it is very much like the truth that his victims have been telling everyone about for quite some time now.

My Australian friends it would seem were right all along.

Apparently he is currently trying to sell his trading seminar for an astonishing price of AUD$10,000 and it runs for about 2 days.  The interesting part is that on one of those days he has to be in court for the above mentioned court case.  It astounds me that there are so many people out there that do not realize that he is a conman and steer clear of him.

I await to hear about the next court case!!  At least he can now stop bleating about no one taking him to court.

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