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Saturday, February 20, 2010

schirmer explains himself....

schirmer has this strange little habit of exposing himself every time he tries to either justify his existence or berate others for their wrong and stupid behaviour. A comment on Salty Droids blog brought this out and now you can read all of schirmers comments in a very different light. schirmer is a constant liar, and keeping this up plays awful tricks on his mind. The particular comments can be found in this post by a persons called _cartman_ and JC.

This is the what schirmer said in this post:

... look at their own stupidity of borrowing massive amounts of money with little or no assets, or spending their every cent on depreciating junk, or giving their well earned money to someone promising them crazy returns and never doing their own research!

To explain what schirmer is saying lets look at it part by part:

... look at their own stupidity of borrowing massive amounts of money with little or no assets,

Remember the palatial mansion that schirmer was parading before the media (thinking that he was getting himself some free advertising!!) and using in all of his marketing as proof of his great wealth and wealth building ability? Well guess what? I have been reliably informed that he borrowed almost the entire amount that was needed to purchase that property. And what assets did he have? NONE. None whatsoever!! That is why 2 years later he had to sell it. He is back to renting again, which is how he has lived most of his life. This from the "Guru" of wealth creation. Yes, he was correct, that is completely STUPID. But then again, schirmer is very good at STUPID.

or spending their every cent on depreciating junk,

While schirmer has been struggling to make ends meet he has been driving around in depreciating junk himself!! First a BMW M3 (as seen in The Secrete movie) and now in a BMW M5. These are 2 cars that depreciate at extraordinary amount, and now the M5 will no doubt become a millstone around his neck. So again he is explaining himself quite well in his little blog.

or giving their well earned money to someone promising them crazy returns and never doing their own research!

And this statement is the best of the lot. The videos on this site of his encounter with ACA showing exactly what he was doing to his so called clients. People had given him their money, where he had promised crazy returns, then went and spent it all on himself (carefully funnelled through various companies of course).

How can schirmer sleep at night?? He knows exactly what he is doing as he rips people off. His Platinum Super Traders is another example of offering crazy returns that he cannot fulfill. Then he writes about himself on his blog, but tries and pretends that it is someone else!! Psychotic comes to mind.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

James Ray, schirmer, and the difference??

schirmer is now coming out in support of James Ray, oh of course he makes an obligatory reference to the victims that died, although the post looks more like a "poor me" post than anything regarding James Ray.

schirmer blog post

He then preaches to everyone by putting anyone down that says anything mean and nasty (read that as telling the truth) about James Ray by saying that:

"We live in a world where most people are looking to blame someone else for whatever happens; very few people ever take responsibility for their own actions."
Well I guess he should know about this as his whole ACA video collection shows up schirmer as taking no responsibility at all for his own actions. He ripped people of for 100's of thousands of dollars, then denies doing any of it. A first class hypocrite.

Then telling everyone that they should be:

"edifying one another or building up their brother; rather they seek to elevate themselves by pulling down every person who seeks to become the best they can be."
So here goes the hypocrite again, telling everyone to help each other while he goes about being negative about everyone else.

Then there is this (his own spelling included):

"When will we, as a global community, learn to take personal responsibly and ownership of the circumstances we create rather than blame, deny and make excuses?"
Okay then,how about we start with YOU!! No one is interested in listening to you preach about something you are not prepared to follow. The bullshit that spills from his mouth just never ends.

And then:
"however I do not believe for one second that James Ray's intention was anything but to help the people he taught"
Intentions!?!?! We are seeing the results of James Rays actions, who cares about intentions. If you want to talk about intentions, then all James Ray intended was get as much of those peoples money as he could. That is the intentions behind every scammer on the face of this and getting as much as possible whether legitimate or not, then hiding behind a veil of legal structures. schirmer doesn't give a toss about the moral or ethical issues, they are there for the decent people in society to follow, not for the arseholes like him. His greed has driven him to attempt to legally steal anything he can get his hands on.

schirmer has also had it in for journalists ever since Ben Fordham from ACA had him cornered like the dirty little rat that he is. schirmer has the hide to tell everyone else to be accountable, yet that whole ACA episode came about because he would not be accountable for his actions. Taking money, spending it on himself, making promises that he had no intention of fulfilling. He even made promises on ACA which he also never intended to fulfill and he tries to hide behind his holier-than-thou christian speak. It is nothing but bullshit coming from a very untrustworthy parasite. And the intentions became actions....

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