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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The evidence against Schirmer is starting to mount

It has been quite sometime since I put anything up here, not for lack of material, just a lack of time.

So things are really starting to unravel for Schirmer now.  At least he can stop bleating about "nobody has produced any evidence against me in court" as his best mate Bob Proctor has just had him in court and won.  Following is the link to the order from the court:

And he has again appeared on Australia's A Current Affair for the fifth time!!  Check out all episodes here, including the New Zealand TV episode on "Closeup".

A few comments that were made on that episode are quite telling:

  1. Angus (investor) said: "If he continues to do this he is going to be on the run forever."
  2. Ivan (investor) said: "Schirmer sitting at home with his wife saying 'It will all go away', but it won't.  The investors are fair dinkum about this."
I have been told that most of his websites have been taken down and the ones that are still up are either so old and out of date or funny for the outlandish comments that he makes.

Here is one outlandish claim from someone who it appears can only lose money in the market:

"I am now one of the most successful stock market investors in the world."

Go here to see it for yourself.  It is under the heading "Tip2:"
Also under that same heading is some advice:

"A word of warning: DO NOT allow other people to invest your money for you!"

I guess he should know why not!!!!!!!!!

It has now become obvious that this is not going to end with Schirmer admitting to his wrong doings and seeking a resolution as any rational person would do, but rather it will only end when Schirmer has been cornered and led away in shame and embarrassment for the whole world to see.

The next laugh will be when the "Succeed Magazine" fails, how ironic!!  With Schirmers history of failed companies even he should have seen that trying to publish a magazine called "Succeed" was bound to create a few laughs eventually.  You can use all the right words you like to try and fool yourself but it will not cover up your incompetence.

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