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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The evidence against Schirmer is starting to mount

It has been quite sometime since I put anything up here, not for lack of material, just a lack of time.

So things are really starting to unravel for Schirmer now.  At least he can stop bleating about "nobody has produced any evidence against me in court" as his best mate Bob Proctor has just had him in court and won.  Following is the link to the order from the court:

And he has again appeared on Australia's A Current Affair for the fifth time!!  Check out all episodes here, including the New Zealand TV episode on "Closeup".

A few comments that were made on that episode are quite telling:

  1. Angus (investor) said: "If he continues to do this he is going to be on the run forever."
  2. Ivan (investor) said: "Schirmer sitting at home with his wife saying 'It will all go away', but it won't.  The investors are fair dinkum about this."
I have been told that most of his websites have been taken down and the ones that are still up are either so old and out of date or funny for the outlandish comments that he makes.

Here is one outlandish claim from someone who it appears can only lose money in the market:

"I am now one of the most successful stock market investors in the world."

Go here to see it for yourself.  It is under the heading "Tip2:"
Also under that same heading is some advice:

"A word of warning: DO NOT allow other people to invest your money for you!"

I guess he should know why not!!!!!!!!!

It has now become obvious that this is not going to end with Schirmer admitting to his wrong doings and seeking a resolution as any rational person would do, but rather it will only end when Schirmer has been cornered and led away in shame and embarrassment for the whole world to see.

The next laugh will be when the "Succeed Magazine" fails, how ironic!!  With Schirmers history of failed companies even he should have seen that trying to publish a magazine called "Succeed" was bound to create a few laughs eventually.  You can use all the right words you like to try and fool yourself but it will not cover up your incompetence.


Dot said...

Well I think Mr Schirmer is a really angry man who has a problem with his self esteem. Who in the world exposes their family to so much stupidity and lies? Who claims to be the best at what they do and then screws people behind their backs and squeals when it all is revealed? This guy is a total loser who deserves exactly what he's getting and I don't think it will ever go away while he has such a very arrogant attitude to life.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you, he is the most stupid bastard I have ever come across. He thinks he owns the world and he thinks he can control the world but his arrogance seems beyond normal to the point where I reckon he has a psycho problem. It must be in the family.

Toowoomba Boy said...

What a dickhead to want to promote the secret material and be charged with MISLEADING AND DECEPTIVE CONDUCT.

That is the story of the century and one that Schirmer will now have to live with for the term of his natural life.

This is sweet.

Anonymous said...

If David Schirmer wants his lies to be believable he should not get caught kissing his female staff member by the name of Natalie at work in front of other staff and behind his wifes and her husbands back. Yes Schirmer your staff see it all and you can whinge all you like but you brought all the attention on yourself because of your sly and deceitful behaviour.

You are a fat pig and you think you can do whatever you want to your staff behind the walls of your little crap hole of an office. Well too bad for you because your staff watch you screw around with all the female staff and they tell everyone behind your back because you are a gutless moron.

Too bad for you that justice comes swiftly and no doubt that soon you will be locked up somewhere where you cannot affect anyone else for a long time.

Rot in hell you weazel.

Anonymous said...

Be warned everyone, David Schirmers new company name is


Anonymous said...

The reality is that EVERYTHING that Schirmer does now is just hastening his demise.

His debts are getting larger as they accrue interest and as he madly creates new products to try to make some money, his friends are getting less as those who once trusted him realise how they have been lied to consistently and intentionally, his staff are walking out at a regular pace, his lawyer is not working for him he's also probably owed heaps and he probably values his credibility also in not giving the guy any leeway, his one time buddy Bob Proctor has sued him for misleading and deceptive conduct and so it goes on and on and on meanwhile everyone WAITS for the authorities to take action.

All in all it will be a VERY interesting year for Mr Schirmer and one can only guess that he is madly siphoning off money for himself BEFORE he pays any debts and probably even his staff. That cannot last long and it won't last long because no-one has to tolerate that sort of business practice from a person who claims to be the best in the world at what WHAT DID YOU SAY "Wealth Creation" you have got to be joking... Oh no, he's serious.

John said...

Well it seems that our Mr Schirmer might have been otracised from his previous church group. One wonders why, no doubt after having used and abused them as much as he could. BUT beware folks now he's onto another church group so look out Ringwood Word Family Church folks. Lets see how many ethics that church has to keep him under their wing and buy into his lies and crap to emotionally ruin the masses and line his pockets as quickly as he can. As for the sort of ethics required to promote the life success material - Proctor obviously saw the light. I wonder how long it will take these people and his own staff to see the same? I guess that depends on how manipulated they are into believing his lies.

Why do all these conmen resort to using religion to cover up for their sins? Maybe deep down they know exactly whats coming.

Anonymous said...

LOL Schirmer promoting THE SECRET while being charged for MISLEADING AND DECEPTIVE CONDUCT. Now that's the story of the century.

Anonymous said...

LOL No David Schirmer is apparently madly removing his name from his magazine very deceitfully yet again and trying to make the public think that he is not getting all the proceeds to his own Succeed magazine. The magazine is full of Schirmer and his staff, ads he's probably paid for himself just to get the mag published and basic crap you can get anywhere free. Not a magazine I will be buying again. Maybe Inna Segal is an interesting lady, check out her website. Terrible picture of Richard Branson inside, very poor quality. But the usual I am the god of this world and the best at anything you can ask of me CRAP from Schirmer.

Anonymous said...

LOL Isn't it just so ironic how these sorts of people always mouth out what they are actually doing and don't even realise it. From what I have observed this guy couldn't tell the truth if his life depended on it.

People think Joe Vitale is crazy for faking his qualifications but this guy overtakes Vitale hands down for stupidity and lies.

Anonymous said...

Well to end the week on a most brilliant note, this is how David Schirmer answered the question in the book he is trying to flog WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE in which by the way, he wrote a whole TWO PAGES!! of his apparent wisdom.

Who Do You Think You Are?

"I am one of the most successful stock and commodity traders in the world and one of the most brilliant minds on the Law of Attraction."

Permit me to vomit, the guy is a deluded sociapath ( who is about to get his comeuppance for being such a royal ass. That shows the level of his serious delusion. When he can show any proof at all of his ability to even trade the market successfully then he will have a few ears. Until then he has successfully deluded himself to truly believe he is the best in the world.

Enjoy the laugh!

John said...

Well to end the week on a most brilliant note, this is how David Schirmer answered the question in the book he is trying to flog WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE in which by the way, he wrote a whole TWO PAGES!! of his apparent wisdom.

Who Do You Think You Are?

Anonymous said...

That quote by Schirmer is a deliberate and blatant LIE and he knows it. He has NEVER proved that he can trade to that level and if he put as much effort into trading as he did screwing people over then he might have a measured success trading.

He craps on about all this personal development stuff because it requires no accountability and he takes no responsibility whereas trading does. People have every right to know if he trades and how successful he is if he takes their money. He is a lying, thieving, cheating wanker and deserves everything bit of negativity he gets.

Negativity creates negativity and Schirmer is the master at it.

I think the government authorities should be notified of what he's claiming he is so they can judge whether he is who he THINKS he is or whether he is deliberately misleading the public for his own gain.

Elliott said...

Just remember that any title these people give themselves they have given it to themselves. It is only earnt in their own eyes and maybe the eyes of a few besotted followers, it is not awarded, it is not even as a result of any formal education, and they have done it with one intention only that is to make more and more money for themselves (it sure ain't for you!) and in doing so they deceive the very public they need to make that money. They deceive them into believing they are something and someone that they are not. These people have a very grandiose opinion of themselves and think they are much more worthy than any other individual and somehow the public owes it to them to make them wealthy. They are by all accounts surreptitiously at war with the very people that they need.

On that knowledge, the wishful and dreamy lights of fame, the illgotten apparent fortunes and the even more massively inflated egos will be very very short lived. That is already evident in the fact that now even their apparent (can't have been too close a relationship) best buddy Bob Proctor has removed all association completely and that could only be resolved by a court order? Now that's serious. That is not just a business relationship gone wrong that is a complete and permanent lack of respect because they have done something very wrong and very unethical in business, the very place when you want your manners to shine! That is if you really do want success.

I believe this is only just the beginning of what are the real laws of attraction in action and I also believe it happened to the weakest link in the secret first. Like all good conmen do, the real situation behind the scenes was hidden with intent and anyone who is needed to serve the purpose of making these people rich will be told a very different story to what the facts more than likely are. Who knows what will come out now. One thing is for sure these people never learnt the first lesson of business before they moved onto the second "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" or as it applies to business "keep your enemies close and your customers even closer".

Nothing anyone does now will change their results, they themselves by their own actions have created the results they now experience. We all do.

Peter said...

David Schirmer is in the Federal Court yet again for an Intellectual Property Charge.

Look at the Federal Court case SCHIRMER, DAVID VID222/2008 Jlf Corporation Pty Ltd V Schirmer Financial Managemtn Pty Ltd & Ors INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY 15/04/2008 FCA Vic Current

The case date is 2 May 2008 and god knows what else is on the horizon for this guy.

Caught in New Zealand

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