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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How to take make money....

On schirmers latest regurgitation of the nonsense that continually spews out of his mouth he has written:
Learn how the mind works and as Napoleon Hill said, “Money will come so fast and so furious, you will wonder where it has been all this time.” It has for me and I know it will for you.

What he conveniently forgets to add when explaining all of this money that he ends up with, is to actually say where it comes from. It comes from a multitude of bank accounts from good living people that made the mistake of "investing" with him. These people are people looking for
ways of investing their money. And they have money!! Investing with schirmer of course, meant that they lost some, but it is not the end for them because they actually do know how to make money, without screwing anyone over. No doubt those people have moved on and are continuing to grow their wealth, but at the same time they realise they have a duty of care to others to ensure that noone else fulls into schirmers pit of lies and depravation. You will have never heard about these people because they are not looking to have an adoring crowd telling them how wonderful they are. They just go about their lives, building wealth to retire and enjoy themselves. schirmer on the other hand NEEDS the crowds of adoring people. He needs people to tell him how good he is because he realises that he has screwed so many people over that he
actually feels dirty, and the only way of covering that feeling is the adulation from an ill-informed crowd.

schirmer has some very strange ideas about money, and it is these strange ideas that will ensure that he never has much. Sure he will get some from time to time, but it will never amount to much and it will never become a stable commodity that allows him to sit back, relax and do
things unrelated to making money. He has what is called a "deficit/poverty mentality". He always spends more than he has, hence the need to continually scam money of others and the reason he continues to not pay his bills. It is a life of misery that he lives, never knowing from
one day to the next where his next meal is coming from or who will be taking him to court. He talks about showing you how to live the life of your dreams yet he has no idea how to given that he lives a life of constant lies and deception. I couldn't think of anything worse. He has
no friends, although there are those that might call him a friend, but that will all end in tears eventually when they wake up to what he is doing. schirmer has no concept of what a friend is, because he sees everyone as an opportunity to exploit.

So if you want an example of how to make money? Watch schirmer and do the exact opposite.

So far it seems that his attempts at coming over here to the US have been thwarted, so lets hope it stays that way. We have enough problems of our own here at the moment without having to deal with imbeciles like schirmer.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Promises, Promises.....and that is all you get!!

Some interesting facts were passed through to me this week from some friends in Australia.  It has come to light that schirmer shows an interesting trend of starting something, promising future editions on a regular interval and then never following through with the promise.  It is a bit like the promises he makes to everyone, investors included and even on National Television.  It is obvious he uses the promise of more to come as part of his marketing strategy to suck people in then once he has their attention or money then he never delivers again.  Now that is a great way to run a business!!  No wonder he is continually having to try something new, as he can never stick to anything for long and all of this is reflected in the poor state of his business.

This is a news letter that started and promised more, but nothing ever eventuated:

On his YouTube response to the A Current Affair report that exposed him he promised weekly updates...of course that was the first and last:

He then started a blog to explain the Australian Market that was supposed to be weekly but ended up all over the place with a number being back dated (to make himself look clever when in fact he doesn't have a clue).  The last one of those was seen in January 2008:

So now he has started another one, but in his usual fashion it is all hindsight trading, and the bit he does forecast was wrong!!!:

Then their is his Succeed Magazine which in its short history has already missed one issue and now the issue due in "on October 1st, 2008" never eventuated.  So as mentioned on a previous posting here about the "SUCCEED" magazine "FAILING" it looks like I was a few months out.  Another source suggests that he has promised to have it out as follows:

"The magazine is going to press this week and will be available for distribution by the end of next week.  They will be making this issue December/January 2009 because of the serious delays."

"This week" is referring to the week beginning the 27 October, so "end of next week" is referring to the week ending the 7th November, 2008.  So one could suggest that this could be another promise like all the other promises above.

You can see schirmer's statement regarding the proposed dates of his magazine on the this site:

Note that the magazine cover that is shown for the October issue is in fact the August issue suggesting that the October issue has never been even thought about.  Hope you are not a subscriber because you have probably just lost your money.  If this is the case I would suggest that you contact the Australian Authorities that follow up of this sort of theft, namely the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission:

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