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Monday, April 4, 2011

STRIKE OFF ACTION for schirmer companies

schirmer often states that he has over 20 companies in his attempt to con people into thinking that he must be wealthy to have that many. However you cannot confuse 20 companies to mean 20 businesses. They have no relationship to each other. schirmer does in fact have at least 20 companies, or at least did have, however they perform no function other that to cost money to maintain, create a place to launder money through (other peoples money that is) and allow you to confuse an unsuspecting public to think that having lots of companies equates to having lots of money. Well things they seem to be changing according to my Aussie contacts. If you check out the ASIC website ( you will notice that the following schirmer companies have been listed for STRIKE OFF ACTION:

  • Succeed Magazine PTY. LTD

  • Succeed People PTY. LTD

  • Succeed Assets PTY. LTD

  • Gesoros No. 1 PTY. LTD

  • Gesoros N0. 2 PTY. LTD

  • Gesoros No. 3 PTY. LTD

  • Gesoros No. 4 PTY. LTD

  • Gesoros No. 5 PTY. LTD

  • Gesoros No. 6 PTY. LTD

  • Edlefevre PTY. LTD

  • Jempleton PTY. LTD

  • Schirmer Property Investments No. 2 PTY. LTD
I find it quite amusing that companies with the name "Succeed" have failed, a bit ironic really. So there you have it, another perfect example of the business skills of schirmer.

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