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Monday, April 4, 2011

STRIKE OFF ACTION for schirmer companies

schirmer often states that he has over 20 companies in his attempt to con people into thinking that he must be wealthy to have that many. However you cannot confuse 20 companies to mean 20 businesses. They have no relationship to each other. schirmer does in fact have at least 20 companies, or at least did have, however they perform no function other that to cost money to maintain, create a place to launder money through (other peoples money that is) and allow you to confuse an unsuspecting public to think that having lots of companies equates to having lots of money. Well things they seem to be changing according to my Aussie contacts. If you check out the ASIC website ( you will notice that the following schirmer companies have been listed for STRIKE OFF ACTION:

  • Succeed Magazine PTY. LTD

  • Succeed People PTY. LTD

  • Succeed Assets PTY. LTD

  • Gesoros No. 1 PTY. LTD

  • Gesoros N0. 2 PTY. LTD

  • Gesoros No. 3 PTY. LTD

  • Gesoros No. 4 PTY. LTD

  • Gesoros No. 5 PTY. LTD

  • Gesoros No. 6 PTY. LTD

  • Edlefevre PTY. LTD

  • Jempleton PTY. LTD

  • Schirmer Property Investments No. 2 PTY. LTD
I find it quite amusing that companies with the name "Succeed" have failed, a bit ironic really. So there you have it, another perfect example of the business skills of schirmer.


NP said...

lol thats funny. I recall a friend of mine did a search on Schirmer a few years back and he had all of those companies plus more and none one of them was operating apart from I think it was his wealth by choice company and life success but even that appears to have all but folded. The guys ego is killing him and no doubt he is now answering to the authorities why he had all these shelf companies probably to siphon funds through to hide them. Who knows Schirmer is a guy that you really cant trust any more.

Anonymous said...

They say that Schirmer screwed so many people over that he could never repay them in this lifetime or any other. Greed took hold of him and the rest is history. What is amusing is that he is now pleading to God for forgiveness while still faking his abilities. Seems that leopards never change their spots. I got some good advice several years ago from a dear friend and that was "stay away from him because he operates with a contempt for anything ethical. I didnt know what they meant back then, do now and glad I took the advice because Schirmer has been exposed for deceit, manipulation and dishonesty. Says it all doesn it.

Sweede said...

If Schirmer is not wealthy after the amount of years he has been spruiking about being wealthy then he is a complete loser. He deceived a lot of people by pretending he was wealthy and thats why he is getting the short shift everywhere around the world. NOBODY likes a person who uses other people to make themselves rich by offering NOTHING. Schirmers just deserts are sweet.

Anonymous said...

titbit, Schirmer is on the run again.

Hoitytoity said...

Stike off action against Schirmers company is real, Schirmer creating an investment opportunity for suckers is also a real possibility, Schirmer so far in debt he doesn't know which way is real is also real real and Schirmer on the run is all too real. Just sayin....

Anonymous said...

In Australia loans for houses and the like are FULL RECOURSE loans, when people give money to David Schirmer take note that he speaks frequently about NON RECOURSE LOANS i.e. NEVER TO BE PAID BACK!!!!!!! I discovered this by listening to him and then following what he was doing. The guy is a thieving bastard.

Cheeky said...

Ha, cant afford to keep the sham running huh?

Everyone on the internet who has a BRAIN (with a left and right side!) knows that Schirmer is all TALK and no ACTION. He sells BULLSHIT and would say ANYTHING to get someones money to fund his lifestyle.

Looks like he has got so low that he has lost his DREAM CAR and DREAM HOUSE. Couldnt happen to a nicer guy really.

Anonymous said...

Even Christians can be discovered for being DISHONEST, MISLEADING, DECEIPTFUL, UNLAWFUL, and DONT POSSESS HONESTY AND INTEGRITY .... apparently.

10-130AD ASIC bans Victorian man from providing financial services for life

Wednesday 23 June 2010

Former contributor to the popular self-help product The Secret, Mr David Gary Schirmer of Warrandyte, Victoria, has been permanently banned from providing financial services following an ASIC investigation.

ASIC found Mr Schirmer had failed to comply with financial services laws in relation to the promotion, operation and delivery of a trading and wealth creation program known as the ‘Platinum Super Traders’ (Platinum program). The Platinum program was operated by
Mr Schirmer and Platinum Super Traders Pty Ltd.

ASIC found that between August 2004 and December 2006 Mr Schirmer:
provided financial services on behalf of another person who carried on a financial services business while not being authorised to do so
engaged in conduct in relation to a financial product or financial service that was misleading or deceptive, or was likely to mislead or deceive
failed to act in accordance with representations made by him to participants in the 2005 and 2006 Platinum programs
made false statements to participants in the 2005 and 2006 Platinum programs, and
engaged in dishonest conduct.

ASIC found that rather than disclosing difficulties he was facing with aspects of the Platinum program, Mr Schirmer chose to deceive Platinum participants and deliberately prepared and provided them with a false document.

ASIC’s action against Mr Schirmer reinforces its commitment to protecting retail investors and financial consumers by removing individuals who don’t possess the honesty and integrity necessary to discharge their duties and obligations as financial services providers.

Mr Schirmer has the right to lodge an application for review of ASIC’s decision with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

Cherrypicker said...

The fact that Schirmer deliberately prepared and provided false documents to people in his platinum program who paid a massive amount of their life savings to him believing he was legitimate exposes him to civil action at any time in the future that THEY see fit. This guy has nowhere to go now. And to also find out that he mislead his investors and directors of other companies he wanted to be part of at one point is incredible. He has certainly mastered the art of lying. His only redemption is to start paying people back and then ask for forgiveness and I doubt that will ever happen because Schirmer is not the nice type.

Anonymous said...

Quote from a person I totally respect:

Schirmer is "Like an improvident spendthrift, whose pressing
occasions will not allow him to wait for the regular payment of his revenue" so instead he will deceitfully take ANYTHING from ANYONE to get what he wants, when he wants it and how he wants it because he believes he deserves everything NOW!

And, the devil made him do it no doubt.

Anonymous said...

David Schirmer should read Jaycee Dugard's statement over and over and over and over again.

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