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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Trading con on the loose....again

Well, here we go again....schirmer trying again to con the unsuspecting public about his ability to trade. ( or As has been published previously on this blog, schirmer's results are anything but flattering. A kid would have more success than he does, and yet he continues to spin this yarn about his trading skills. If he had even 1% of the skills he claims he would not have to be running from his creditors, running from his old clients, running from his investors or running these half arsed 'webinars' that will line his pockets with money and provide nothing in return....yes, NOTHING to the next generation of people who are about to experience the schirmer con.
Everything that schirmer will use to impress his new found clients will be the usual Gann material. Now, there is nothing wrong with Gann's material, however a small time con like schirmer has no idea about what to do with all this head knowledge that he has about Gann. Ask him about his results and my bet is that he either will not show you any, or he will show you a very delicately put together spreadsheet. He will not show you his account because it will show him up as a dismal failure. He has been a dismal failure all his life and that is why he resorts to 'teaching' in a profession that does not require any credentials or have any credible way for someone to check up on him. He is after all a psychopathic liar, so listen to him enough (if you can stomach the bullshit and crap that comes out of his mouth) and you will hear him trip himself up, eventually.
schirmer is good at only one thing....taking your money and giving you nothing......ask any of his old "Platinum Super Traders" if you don't believe me. And also remember, neither he or anyone working for him can be trusted. Check out the number of ex-employees who found out the hard way....(c), and check out these blogs and search for schirmer if you need further proof. (

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