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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A life of lies

I came across this interesting piece of information recently that Scott Pape put together after speaking with the conman David Schirmer.

Below is the last paragraph of the article linked to above.

I rang Schirmer on his way home from that radio interview, and asked him about the seminar. 'Last year we attracted 340 people to our seminar, and took $5 million in ticket sales and (back of the room) information products' he said. 'With the help of the Secret we're expecting to more than double the attendance numbers this year'. It appears the Secret's spruikers have perfected another universal law - the law of extraction.

Let us first just start here with a little math. $5,000,000 divided by 340 attendees is equal to each person spending $14,705.88. My oh my, he seems to have stumbled across 340 of the most generous people that he could find in Melbourne, Australia. I would also make a suggestion here that noone could have spent $14,705.88 at this seminar even if they wanted to!!

So where does this leave Schirmer's statement of making $5,000,000 in one weekend? It leaves it right where most of everything else that spews out of his mouth ends up. On the huge pile of bullshit that he has produced through the constant stream of lies that is his life.

And he wonders why it is all starting to fall apart? "You reap what you sow", comes to mind.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Schirmer keeps digging his hole

Schirmer responded to Cosmic Connies reponse on Schirmers blog, but of course it was full of the usual Schirmer lies and rhetoric and here is my take on some of his arguments.

QUOTE from Schirmers response:
I have a question for you Connie: If I owed you $96,000 (as one person suggested they 'loaned' me) would you go through the normal legal channels to obtain it back? Has it occurred to you (and the other bemoaners who jump on the bandwagon of any negitatity) that not one person has gone through the normal legal or commercial channels to either ask for money back they think they're owed, produce any documentation regarding what they think is owed to them, or presented me with facts as to why I owe them money!

Well, well, Mr Schirmer!!!! Herein lies probably the biggest issue that people have with you and that being your lack of morals or ethics. I have been informed that you have been confronted by the people that you owe money to. In fact they have been chasing you for answers for about 4 years, but all they got were lies, untruths and general dodging of the question.

Would you really like to see the documented proof of your misconduct around your handling of other peoples money (which you have copies of by the way) spread all over the Internet for everyone to see? I am sure it would make for some very interesting reading for all the people out there that thought you were sleazy just by looking at you as well as those who were still undecided, by having their thoughts all confirmed.

The real issue here is that the only reason you have to resort to legal action to deal with someone is that they are being dishonest, because if they were honest they would not have any such allegations leveled against them, and if they did they would quickly move to resolve them. Schirmer is hoping that he can avoid being accountable to others for losing their money (yes Schirmer, it is THEIR money) by forcing people to take the legal path to recover their money. Of course the reality is that Schirmer is a penniless bum, so most peoples actions against him will be to get him put in jail. Either way you look at it he is not going to get away with it. It is either pay up or face the consequences.

QUOTE from Schirmers response:
Neither journalist ever asked once if I owed these people any money, Fordham just kept shouting "When are you going to pay their money back." Interesting since he never asked me first if I owed it and he has never aired the filthy tactics he used in the interview. He won't because he would be banned as a journalist as what he did is against their code of practice.

Schirmer, you admitted on National Television that you owed these people money!!!!!! Besides what is the point of Ben Fordham asking an obvious question that he knew the answer to, when all you would do is deny it? You deny everything. The reason all these people are completely run out of patience is because of your continued denials about owing anybody any money. I don't know what the so called filthy tactics of Ben were other than cornering Schirmer and making him answer honestly but they could not be any worse than the filthy tactics that Schirmer has used to steal money off people and seduce women, while he pretends to be a loving husband.

QUOTE from Schirmers response:
Had I never appeared on The Secret there would be no story for the media as it would no rate. They are only interested in advertising dollars and awards, period ... not the facts or truth. Fordham will never air the uncut version, as he knows how highly edited the segments where, even to the point of inserting words I never said into sentences (we had professional editors view the segments and show how it was highly edited trash.)

Had you never appeared on The Secret then all of your victims would have continued to suffer in silence. Your victims are very glad that you made yourself prominent, because it also brought their grievances to prominence as well. You can't have it both ways. If you want fame, then you are going to have to get used to being scrutinised, and for you that is a scary thought. I am sure that most of us have only heard a little bit about your misdemeanors. If the media did manipulate what you said through editing then go right ahead and sue them, since that is your normal mode of operation, but you haven't so again your words above are just another lot of made up garbage that you are trotting out to try and hide all the other lies that you have trotted out in the past. As for it being highly edited trash, it couldn't possibly be anything else as Ben Fordham only got trash from Schirmer in the first place.

The whole reason that you are squirming right now is that people DO have the facts. Schirmer has deluded himself to the point were he is now believing his own lies. If he had been honest and trustworthy then nobody would be chasing him right now. You promised to pay people back but never did, so why would anyone believe anything else that you say??

Now why, I ask, would RevRon be trying to score any points with Schirmer???? Schirmer is a low life conman which no one is even the slightest bit interested in trying to get on his side!! And as for blaming others, Schirmer has spent his whole blog space trying to shift the blame from himself to others, so practise what you preach if you are so set on preaching.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Unresolved obstacles will destroy you Schirmer!!

Here is a bit more "Schirmer Logic", please try not to laugh! Schirmer seems to think that if he can trick his own tiny mind into thinking that the world loves him then all his past sins can be forgotten. He refers to these sins as the 'negative' that he no longer wants to talk about. Of course it would be nice if we could all just sweep our wrongs under the carpet and then continue on with what we want to do in complete disregard for the mess we have left behind. However it does not work like that. We will remain accountable for all our promises and actions until we resolve them, and if that takes a a lifetime for us to understand that, them we can expect a lifetime of continual disruption until we come good. No ifs and no buts, that is just the way God planned it.

Just because we don't want to talk and discuss our past actions and promises doesn't mean we are not accountable for them nor does it mean that everyone else has to go away and leave me alone until I am ready to resolve them.

And if you believe that all obstacles must give way, them maybe they do, however that will include obstacles that will only give way once the issue has been resolved. Schirmer's biggest obstacles is the wrongs that he has inflicted on a number of people over a long period of time and those will only give way once he has addressed them and resolved them. Until then they are the obstacles that will destroy him.

Schirmer and his strange mate in the ACA video seem to think that the 'negative' should just be forgotten, however what is 'negative' for one person can be 'positive' for another and therein lies his problem. Many people see the destruction of Schirmer as a 'positive' as it will rid the world of one more person hell bent on getting as much money for himself at the expense of everyone else.

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