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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Unresolved obstacles will destroy you Schirmer!!

Here is a bit more "Schirmer Logic", please try not to laugh! Schirmer seems to think that if he can trick his own tiny mind into thinking that the world loves him then all his past sins can be forgotten. He refers to these sins as the 'negative' that he no longer wants to talk about. Of course it would be nice if we could all just sweep our wrongs under the carpet and then continue on with what we want to do in complete disregard for the mess we have left behind. However it does not work like that. We will remain accountable for all our promises and actions until we resolve them, and if that takes a a lifetime for us to understand that, them we can expect a lifetime of continual disruption until we come good. No ifs and no buts, that is just the way God planned it.

Just because we don't want to talk and discuss our past actions and promises doesn't mean we are not accountable for them nor does it mean that everyone else has to go away and leave me alone until I am ready to resolve them.

And if you believe that all obstacles must give way, them maybe they do, however that will include obstacles that will only give way once the issue has been resolved. Schirmer's biggest obstacles is the wrongs that he has inflicted on a number of people over a long period of time and those will only give way once he has addressed them and resolved them. Until then they are the obstacles that will destroy him.

Schirmer and his strange mate in the ACA video seem to think that the 'negative' should just be forgotten, however what is 'negative' for one person can be 'positive' for another and therein lies his problem. Many people see the destruction of Schirmer as a 'positive' as it will rid the world of one more person hell bent on getting as much money for himself at the expense of everyone else.


Gary said...

I Must Be Bloody Dreaming!!

My name is Dead Shit. I am broke, have no money, no job, am $1,000,000 or much more in debt, about to be evicted from my dream home (well, it was my dream home but as they are taking it off me I'll say I have a new dream home now), phones disconnected (that means everyones phone not just mine), electricity disconnected (oh shit, again...shouldn't have paid those wages I knew I should have paid my personal stuff instead), driving around in an unowned car (well it sounded good to say I owned it but really BMW own it completely and the same with the other car too), a wife and six kids, unqualified and uneducated (yeah well that hasn't changed, I haven't had time to do any of that formal stuff), not knowing how to buy groceries and asking for handouts from family, friends and even my own staff(I'm used to that I've done it pretty much all my life so if I wait by the bar someone buys me a drink, if I stand by the taxi someone else will pay and if I my cards are maxed out I'll give them someone elses)! Got it ... pretty pathetic really and not too legal either.

Today nothing much is different. I had over 20 companies (well it sounded good but really only two or three of them made any money but I liked the way other people say they have hundreds of companies so I thought I would copy and see how I went), drove the car of my dreams (yeah as I mentioned before BMW own it and I have to hand it back), lived in a 75 square home (7500 square feet) with four spas (needed everyone of them to fit me in to be honest), a pool (well it had water in it until I hopped in), tennis court on an estate with a gardner (well 1 acre is an estate isn't it? sounded good anyway and so did the gardner bit), had share portfolios (in my dreams, I don't really know how to trade just ask the guy on the video and everyone else who I taught really), had an investment property (you should hear the story about this one but we'll leave that to the authorities to expose it will sound much more interesting), had art investments (can't tell you where I found the money to buy them but they appeared), had the phone and electricity connected (for a while at least, I knew I shouldn't have paid those wages)!

And, being the only Australian chosen to appear on THE SECRET (Yeah, there were many more people who had real stories and really wanted to be on this movie but I charmed Rhonda Byrne and did a good suck job on Bob Proctor so I thought it would work, it seems they didn't agree with me in the end)... somedays I pinch myself to see if I'm only bloody dreaming. But no it is true, I did the wrong thing and lost the lot."


Penny said...


John 8:4 "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it."

How Schirmer can claim to even understand christianity is an insult to all goodness on this earth.

Anonymous said...

Schirmer wrote this:

“When a well meaning, high profile psychologist on a radio interview said today that the Secert is dangerous and doesn’t work … and what professional qualifactions do I have to back up my claims! I calmly replied that I have a degree in results … and the “By your fruits you are known!” I had to smile as I looked out from my window of my office at home across the estate to the city, as he was stuck in traffic driving his basic car home from the job he goes to every day!!!!”

What an arrogant uneducated pretentious prick. His results certainly do speak for themselves. This type or arrogance and absolute abuse should see some very interesting results for Schirmer. Perhaps we are seeing them manifest now and I think the cheer squad is getting larger.

Elliott said...

I don't know about anyone else but I am clear sick and tired of Schirmer mouthing off all this religious stuff. He has no qualification for ANYTHING let alone teach someone what it means to be religious.

I too think he is a completely arrogant prick. And I can't wait until he is done slow roasting.

Gulliblegill said...

Didn't Schirmer operate around Stones Corner in Queensland sometime ago? I thought the guy was finished and I bet he tried to fool the authorities by making it as messy as possible. That should put the bill up for him. Payback time Schirmer...

Phillip said...

This is a quote about The Science Of Getting Rich which I believe has been totally taken out of context in The Secret which Schirmer features in.

“Wattles offers techniques for getting in tune with one’s deeper self and thus creating a channel of communication between oneself and universal energy. His is a gentle philosophy that excludes competition, cheating, and lording it over one’s fellows when one has made it, and encourages cooperation.”
--Publisher’s Weekly

There is no gentle philosophy in Schirmers work. He can't help but create competition, he cheats and he lords it over everyone to get what he wants. Nothing remotely like WDW work.

Bill said...

I wonder if Schirmer is happy within himself or still deluding himself that what he is saying and doing is really the right way to go? I don't know how the guy sleeps at night.

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