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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Still more falling companies

Well the numbers are slowing to a trickle but they are still coming. 2 more schirmer companies are in status Strike Off:

  • Excellence in Marketing Pty Ltd
  • Schirmer Financial Management Pty Ltd (or MisManagement as I have seen it explained on the web!!)
You really have to wonder what schirmer was up to that he needed all these companies. Remember they are not businesses, just companies whose existence was not that important in some respect because they have all now disappeared. Bad deeds always come undone eventually, as it is hard to keep the facade of lies going as you are continually in a state of covered up. What a poor excuse of a life. Karma gets you in the end.

Monday, August 15, 2011

What?!?!?! not more deregistered companies......

The list of companies is getting longer by the day!!!! Here is a few more to add the list and to leave you in no doubt that the schirmer business ability was actually a disability.

  • Wealth by Choice Services Pty Ltd

  • Perissos International Pty Ltd

  • Golive Investments Pty Ltd

Hope the list stops soon as there will not be any internet space left.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Struck off and De-Registered!!

It is now confirmed that all the companies listed in the post -
have been de-registered by ASIC, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. You can check out one of those companies here:

Succeed Magazine PTY LTD :

So, 12 companies have now been de-registered, that has got to tell you something about schirmers current position, as well as his business and "wealth creation" skills.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Oh no, not more.......

Well it looks like the number of dying companies that schirmer has is on the rise. A few more for your viewing pleasure:

  • Wealth By Choice Services PTY. LTD

  • Perissos International PTY. LTD

  • Golive Investments PTY. LTD

Dear oh dear oh me, the house of cards is falling.

Monday, April 4, 2011

STRIKE OFF ACTION for schirmer companies

schirmer often states that he has over 20 companies in his attempt to con people into thinking that he must be wealthy to have that many. However you cannot confuse 20 companies to mean 20 businesses. They have no relationship to each other. schirmer does in fact have at least 20 companies, or at least did have, however they perform no function other that to cost money to maintain, create a place to launder money through (other peoples money that is) and allow you to confuse an unsuspecting public to think that having lots of companies equates to having lots of money. Well things they seem to be changing according to my Aussie contacts. If you check out the ASIC website ( you will notice that the following schirmer companies have been listed for STRIKE OFF ACTION:

  • Succeed Magazine PTY. LTD

  • Succeed People PTY. LTD

  • Succeed Assets PTY. LTD

  • Gesoros No. 1 PTY. LTD

  • Gesoros N0. 2 PTY. LTD

  • Gesoros No. 3 PTY. LTD

  • Gesoros No. 4 PTY. LTD

  • Gesoros No. 5 PTY. LTD

  • Gesoros No. 6 PTY. LTD

  • Edlefevre PTY. LTD

  • Jempleton PTY. LTD

  • Schirmer Property Investments No. 2 PTY. LTD
I find it quite amusing that companies with the name "Succeed" have failed, a bit ironic really. So there you have it, another perfect example of the business skills of schirmer.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The schirmer "Wealth Creation" lie is still unraveling

It has been a while, but sooner or later schirmer will offer up exquisite gems of his failures, incompetence and life of lies to all that can see the real conman within. I have been informed from a very reliable Australian source that shows that schirmer has reached the dizzy heights of business "success", an area in which he claims much "expertise", by moving into his garage at home!! Based on his previous history he probably stopped paying the rent and was kicked out.

Now somehow that is not the way I understood it to be. I thought you started in the garage, then moved out to bigger and better premises. In fact at schirmers "height" of business "success" he was telling the whole world how that his next move would be into his own massive building complex. But then schirmer always gets ahead of himself and plans and spends what he is expecting and not what he gets, and because he has a highly inflated value of the worth of himself and his products he keeps spending money that he will never have. And that only ends one way..........confined to your garage!!

So there you have it, living in a rented house and running your "Wealth Creation" business out of your garage.....that should ring a few bells about his "expertise". But I guess he still has the BMW M5 to fool people into thinking he is successful, although it is now an old M5.

At what point does his wife and family realise he is living a lie? Getting up and bullshitting about all the wealth and money he has when he has nothing has got to have some impact on those around him who know he has nothing other than what he stole of others and spent on himself.

* Apologies about all the words in "quotes", but that is done to emphasize those words that schirmer uses but which seem to have a completely different meaning to him than they do to the rest of the world.

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