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Monday, June 13, 2011

Struck off and De-Registered!!

It is now confirmed that all the companies listed in the post -
have been de-registered by ASIC, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. You can check out one of those companies here:

Succeed Magazine PTY LTD :

So, 12 companies have now been de-registered, that has got to tell you something about schirmers current position, as well as his business and "wealth creation" skills.



Joseph said...

Wealth creation expert ............................................................................. LMAO Schirmer, you dumb ass fakester.

Jimmy said...

Not sure what I have to BEWARE of if I dont trust the guy in the first place but I'll take your advise. What i find really interesting is that it is well known that people who pretend they have wealth really dont and those who do shut up. This couldnt be closer to truth with the Schirmers because they have lived such fake lives for years. I have even found comments from their kids school friends saying they are something like tight arse liars. I mean what sort of pathetic example is their father David? And for that matter their mother Lorna for enabling her husband to be such a liar. She appears a weak person but I bet she wants it all and thats why she is sticking by such a loser. Doesnt surprise me that they have had to close a heap of companies, they were lying about them in the first place so whats new. Everything they do and say is a fraud waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

Good James Ray faces his ultimate end now for David Schirmer to face his. Come on everyone bring it on. Schirmer has abused people for far too long and he's still trying to play the i'm innocent, i'm a perfect partner, i'm a fabulous family man, i'm an honest business person, i'm the best in the world at whatever i think will make me money and if that means religion bring it on, and so on. LIES LIES LIES. Oh thats right Schirmer hasnt actually been pinned for physically killing anyone but he's sure as guilty as hell of KILLING PEOPLES FUTURES.

Anonymous said...

Finally some good news in the selfish help business

PT said...

James Ray is paying for the pathetically greedy GET RICH QUICK mentality that was endorsed and promoted by THE SECRET.

AT said...


USA Address
Wealth By Choice or
David Schirmer
111 Congress Avenue 4th Floor
Austin Texas 78701

He IS NOT at this address, he USED OTHER PEOPLE to get to this address and HE WILL NEVER be welcome at any address no matter how much he uses his smooth talkin.

Annoyed Texan

Anonymous said...

David Schirmer has been running a cult and his victims are suffering. He stole from them, cheated them, deceived them for his own personal gain. He is now moving to the next phase and claiming to be one of Gods chosen people who has the knowledge and authority to teach other people how to live good lives. He is nothing but a charlatan and an evil person. People caught up in his fraudulent life should read this blog and get the hell away from him.

Anonymous said...

at last the TRUTH is coming out. What a lying piece of work this guy and his wife are. What is more pukable is that they claim to be christians and suck up to a church for another group of people to steal from. Should send a warning to the congregation, hmmm how to do that.

Anonymous said...

This site has a lot about this loser. I've heard he's working out of the garage of a house that he's renting and he's paying ridiculous rent just to keep it looking like he's keeping up with the Joneses so to speak.

In truth karma has caught up with him in real life. He no longer drives his dream car (BMW M5) and he no longer lives in his dream house with the gardener and artwork (dream estate as he called it and it was just a block of land in surburbia in Melbourne town). He lives in someone elses house and drives someone elses car and all those people waiting to be paid back by him might as well give up because this guy is not the type to pay people back or pay them at all if he can help it. His so called christian ethics are appalling and an embarrassment to our church which he thinks he has a good control of by running our website etc. He is shameless.

J Enders said...

Does anyone know what is happening with the James Ray case? How is Schirmer associated with the guy apart from appearing in the secret book? I dont give a toss about Schirmer but I think James Ray should make himself responsible for his part in his camps. He wouldnt like it if his family died at one of those events.

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