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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The house of cards starts to fall

Another of my Aussie friends sent this little titbit through to me this morning.

One of schirmers companies is called "Excellence in Results" and is mentioned on ASIC's web site here:

Excellence in non-Results


Somehow I don't think that this bodes well for schirmer. Maybe he has messed with someone that you cannot mess say, "The Government"!!!!

Well it seems that is not the only schirmer company that has ASIC's attention:

Darojo - Strike off action in progress

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Trading con on the loose....again

Well, here we go again....schirmer trying again to con the unsuspecting public about his ability to trade. ( or As has been published previously on this blog, schirmer's results are anything but flattering. A kid would have more success than he does, and yet he continues to spin this yarn about his trading skills. If he had even 1% of the skills he claims he would not have to be running from his creditors, running from his old clients, running from his investors or running these half arsed 'webinars' that will line his pockets with money and provide nothing in return....yes, NOTHING to the next generation of people who are about to experience the schirmer con.
Everything that schirmer will use to impress his new found clients will be the usual Gann material. Now, there is nothing wrong with Gann's material, however a small time con like schirmer has no idea about what to do with all this head knowledge that he has about Gann. Ask him about his results and my bet is that he either will not show you any, or he will show you a very delicately put together spreadsheet. He will not show you his account because it will show him up as a dismal failure. He has been a dismal failure all his life and that is why he resorts to 'teaching' in a profession that does not require any credentials or have any credible way for someone to check up on him. He is after all a psychopathic liar, so listen to him enough (if you can stomach the bullshit and crap that comes out of his mouth) and you will hear him trip himself up, eventually.
schirmer is good at only one thing....taking your money and giving you nothing......ask any of his old "Platinum Super Traders" if you don't believe me. And also remember, neither he or anyone working for him can be trusted. Check out the number of ex-employees who found out the hard way....(c), and check out these blogs and search for schirmer if you need further proof. (

Thursday, May 7, 2009

schirmer is a trader, NOT

schirmer's insistence on pretending to know how to trade is getting funnier by the day. Here is his latest attempt and again here at trying to convince the world of his great and wonderous skills. Unfortunately it is well understood that if you have to spend your life trying to sell trading skills it is because you can't trade!! All great traders have one thing in common, they make their money through trading, that is after all the reason why they are called traders!!

In the ACA videos it became abundantly clear that schirmer has a problem with money, keeping it that is, after conning people out of it. His Platinum Traders are still to this day waiting for the payout of the trading fund he setup with part of their money. Where is the money?? I would suggest there never was any money made through trading because schirmer cannot trade. He is part of the 90% who lose when they go to trade.

Also as part of one of these triumphant web sites is the wonderful insights that everyone is so impatiently waiting for for 2009, whoever those losers must be, because at last count we were well into May of 2009, almost half the year is gone, and now he is coming out with his prophetic predictions??

Of course the reason he is so late with his wonderful information is that he has had to wait for all the people that actually know how to forecast to come out with their forecasts. Then he can hop on their coat tails, take their information, put it into his own "report" and make some great and startling revelations and claim them for his own.

You have missed the boat schirmer, all the predictions for 2009 and beyond are already out, and you pathetic attempts at showing your trading skills are already well known.

A trader schirmer is not!!!

Then if you read schirmers web sites closely you will find that he actually is telling you about himself. In answer to a supposed question, about why he is letting you into his great and wondrous secrets, he gives 3 answers:

First, frankly one reason is to expose the "pretend experts"{remember he knows what a pretend expert is, as you will see in the results below}. I get really angry when I hear and read about these self-confessed "gurus" {schirmer is the most self confessed trader there is} and the marketing deception they use to con the naive public of thousands of dollars for 'education' that just doesn't work {marketing deception is what he is all about}. I get a kick out of amazing people with the ‘Real Truth’ on the stock market {you will see the real schirmer truth below}.

Second, this ‘Complete Stock Market Home Study Course’ has enhanced my ever-increasing “big” reputation in professional stock market circles and it has brought many great new clients to me {there is a reason for putting"big" in quotes. He is only big in his own mind. And this "big" reputation has come from his own marketing deception}.

Third, quite frankly, this Course has made and will continue to make a lot of money for me {but only if the suckers keep buying his trash. Listen to what he is saying...the course, not the trading is making him money}.

Now how do I know this about schirmers trading ability, apart from what we are told in the ACA interviews? I have some of his results!!!

One of my Aussie contacts was kind enough to pass them on and here they are. Click on each image to get a better view, but be warned, it is not a pretty sight. So here we go, results for 2004, 2005 and 2006, one of the greatest bull markets the world has even seen and schirmer could only lose money. That tells you all you need to know about schirmers trading ability.

Figures in RED are losing trades:

For 2004:

For 2005:

For 2006:

And for the final giggle, here is his win/loss ratio, where a real trader will be looking for 70% or more, and some do get 100%:

So beware, if you want to know how to trade, seek out a trader, a real trader that has proof of his trades. The best way to know a good trader is to remember that a trader does not have a marketing strategy or bombard you with websites and emails designed purely to get you to part with your money. A trader trades and a good trader makes lots of money trading, and doesn't try and sell himself or any of his products to you.

You have been warned.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

If you don't get your own way...then threaten them

It would seem that schirmer has threatened someone about the A Current Affair videos that were on YouTube, as they seem to have all disappeared.

schirmer had initally claimed that Channel 9, the company that owns the videos, had them removed. This was claimed in a post that schirmer himself put up, then just as quickly removed it, for reasons only schirmer would know. However this is typical of schirmer to lie to everyone to try and save his own skin. On YouTube it clearly states that the videos were removed for supposed copyright issues by a company called "schirmer Financial Management". Now correct me if I am wrong, but that sounds more like a schirmer company than one belonging to Channel 9!!!

Above is part of schirmers blog post that has now been taken down suggesting that Channel 9 removed the videos from YouTube.

Click for a larger image
Above is a YouTube page clearly showing that it was schirmer who had it removed!!

So, in the interests of the community I have added some links to at least 4 of the videos directly from the Channel 9 A Current Affair show web site for all to see. One of the videos has sound but no audio, for reasons known only to Channel 9.

Watch out for my next insight into schirmer's trading ability, which is quite different to what he is telling everyone.

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