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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The house of cards starts to fall

Another of my Aussie friends sent this little titbit through to me this morning.

One of schirmers companies is called "Excellence in Results" and is mentioned on ASIC's web site here:

Excellence in non-Results


Somehow I don't think that this bodes well for schirmer. Maybe he has messed with someone that you cannot mess say, "The Government"!!!!

Well it seems that is not the only schirmer company that has ASIC's attention:

Darojo - Strike off action in progress


Anonymous said...

Yes Dickhead Dave has done it again. In my view he is the ultimate hypocrite and fake christian and is a shame on any church.

JT said...

They say THE TRUTH HURTS so how much hurt does this guy want to endure before he faces any facts?

You have got to look at how you treat your business, your money, your family, your partner, your friends, your children, your associates, your suppliers, your detractors and then look at how you treat other peoples businesses, other people in those same areas to understand that this guy has shit for brains. Instead of improving he's only getting worse and he must be so far up shit creek by now that there's no hope of getting out.

Some SECRET achievement isn't it. What a wanker.

Jojo said...

These idiots say that every person on the planet has the right to seek happiness. Well to me happiness is that these guys, including David Schirmer, are held accountable for the lies and manipulation they used on other peoples lives for their own financial gain. Claiming you are a christian is part of the manipulation and there are no excuses for people who deliberately do this.

They also say that every person on earth has the same importance as the next. People like Schirmer find that very hard to swallow. I bet he wouldn't be able to tell his own turd from the next guys. He would probably claim to be an expert on turd analysis too.

I get the feeling that the cheer squad to see this guy shut down is getting bigger and bigger with every greedy lying word that comes out of Schirmers mouth.

What did this company do anyway? Some excellent result.

Sumpo said...

When you have had anything to do with Schirmer you feel like having a shower or something. Something about the guy seems dirty to me. Evening listening to him seems slimy. I wouldn't trust him with your life and I wouldn't trust him with your wife and that to me is everything.

Anonymous said...

That guy is a first class sicko. Hasn't he screwed just about every female that ever worked for him and probably the males too. He is obsessed with himself and money and anything that comes in between those two things is as good as dead to him.

Anonymous said...

Yes thats so bloody obvious and so friggin disgusting. The latest one is specially marked out in his church photos and they think its not noticable at all. Do they think that people dont notice pash rash. They are all sickos who are in for a very interesting year. I would not trust that guy within miles of any of the females in my family. Hes a first class wanker and user. I am visualising the worst friggin year in this guys life for new year because I know what he's cost friends of ours. He craps on about faith but the only person who needs faith is someone who knows they've done wrong otherwise life is sweet. Its obvious as dogs balls that this guy is in need of loads of faith this year.

Anonymous said...

Yes the companies that deadshit was so proud to say he had a million of are being shown for what they are ..... nothing. This guy used to sprout about having something like 22 companies and when you did a search of them you find out that they are nothing more than a name. The companies the guy has used you discover are set up by other people and he has squirmed his way into them on what appears to be nothing more than promises. The guy is a looser and uses everyone and everything he can and calls that SUCKSESS

Anonymous said...

WTF is DAROJO? Is that just another company Schirmer sets up to validate his claim of having 20 odd companies. Too bad the cards are starting to fall big time for that dickhead. No matter what he does in the future he cannot remove his past. It will haunt him until he dies and everyone of his victims will ensure that he is haunted forever.

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