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Saturday, April 4, 2009

If you don't get your own way...then threaten them

It would seem that schirmer has threatened someone about the A Current Affair videos that were on YouTube, as they seem to have all disappeared.

schirmer had initally claimed that Channel 9, the company that owns the videos, had them removed. This was claimed in a post that schirmer himself put up, then just as quickly removed it, for reasons only schirmer would know. However this is typical of schirmer to lie to everyone to try and save his own skin. On YouTube it clearly states that the videos were removed for supposed copyright issues by a company called "schirmer Financial Management". Now correct me if I am wrong, but that sounds more like a schirmer company than one belonging to Channel 9!!!

Above is part of schirmers blog post that has now been taken down suggesting that Channel 9 removed the videos from YouTube.

Click for a larger image
Above is a YouTube page clearly showing that it was schirmer who had it removed!!

So, in the interests of the community I have added some links to at least 4 of the videos directly from the Channel 9 A Current Affair show web site for all to see. One of the videos has sound but no audio, for reasons known only to Channel 9.

Watch out for my next insight into schirmer's trading ability, which is quite different to what he is telling everyone.


Anonymous said...

I don't like the way this guy is always blaming other people for his own problemsa and for what he has done himself or been involved in himself. For someone who is claiming to be so knowledgable about the mind and money I find it very ironic that he finds himself in so much trouble with the law. He is certainly not the person I would want my children having as a mentor. I find his focus on money far too obsessive and himself completely lacking in substance for the good of humanity, it is very selfish. To find out he has accused Channel 9 of removing the videos when he did it himself is exactly what I would expect him to do because that confirms who I always thought he was.

Anonymous said...

David Schirmer wonders why so many people are so angry with him because their family is off on a trip to Disneyland in the US INSTEAD OF PAYING THEIR DEBTS!!!!!!!

That is the sort of greed and incredible arrogance that those people live by. Any wonder that so many people hate them.

Anonymous said...

Yep typical, they spend all their money before they make it and them blame everyone who has given them help for getting angry at them. That just proves who they really are and that must be some church that they have aligned themselves with.

Whats a bet that whole trip will be claimed as a business trip too. Why not everything else probably is.

Anonymous said...

Amazing what you can do with frequent flyer points that you have accrued using other peoples money. Very possible because if they can't pay their debts then how the hell can they afford a trip to the US and to Disneyland. That is ludicrous and no doubt incredibly offensive to the people who are owed money. I know several people who helped these people out and who are still waiting to be paid from years ago. This guy uses all sorts of ways around the law to avoid responsibility, in the usual way use Christianity as a way of making people believe you and then feel guilty for saying anything. Use, abuse and accuse, the usual methods of a conman.

Anonymous said...

This guy would have to be the biggest crap artist I've ever heard. He is now crapping on his twitter about taking his family to Disneyland. Wow, Phew, Get Out, No Way really, in other words so what? Who are you impressing all the kids?

I feel a massive media blitz in the US is on its way with someone like that arriving in the country. He will never get away with doing that sort of stuff here and he won't even get away with coming here and not fixing up his mess in Australia. Oh I think his worst nightmares might be about to begin. So I would suggest he really really enjoy that Disneyland trip.

Anonymous said...

I have never met a person more in denial than this guy and I believe his twisted understanding of the universal laws is partly the reason. Its almost as if these people use it as an excuse to do whatever they want.

I have heard of several people who have helped them financially while these people were publicly claiming to be millionaires so I find it very difficult to believe anything that they say. What I believe is that they create new companies to take money for themselves to avoid paying the debts in the last company. These are the sort of people you just don't choose to do business with, they choose you, they seek you out, get your confidence, get your money and then remove every association and then blame you for the problem. These are the typical steps of con artists.

Makes me wonder what sort of Christianity he is following.

Anonymous said...

the LOVE of money is the root of ALL evil

The Schirmers are not christian, if they were they would completely understand the meaning of that verse from the bible and not make everything an issue about money. They lost my support years ago!

Debbie said...

Whoever the anonymous is that talked about these people being in denial is so right. Denial is a sin and it is like a cancer. It will eat at you until one day you are so far gone you have no idea what direction to head next. I have no doubt that some people have exagerated about their issues with these people but I also have no doubt that some things are probably far worse than ever were made public too. If there is even a hint of dishonesty in anything to do with a business I say RUN RUN RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN. Your future is not worth being screwed up by some idiot who has an ego problem and makes promises and never delivers.

Anonymous said...

David Schirmer quotes "Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. --Winston Churchill"
It is almost as if there is a sense of pride in failing so many people so much so often. I think he needs to take a very deep hard look at himself and his attitude towards others instead of using people to attempt to create success for himself. That is a completely disgraceful attitude for a Christian. I am grateful that I only did his basic course and nothing more because I feel very hurt by the way he uses so many people and just gets nasty when he is challenged about anything. By the way his basic course only works in a bull market so he will want to hope that this market holds up.

G A said...

What I find particularly sad about this is that David Schirmer is so focused on blaming one lot of people when there are so many who have walked away from him and really dont like the guy. It is sad because he has no idea that it is him who has a serious problem not all those other people. They simply made a choice as a result of their experience. I have known these people for years and have done some of his courses. I wouldn't recommend them because I've done others that are actually much better and thousands cheaper so I couldn't recommend them. But what bothers me more than anything is that here is a guy who is in his seminars saying that he is this and that and does this and that and yet his relationships and life is so much the opposite that how can anyone believe him any more. I am so tired of the stupid oh poor me stuff that he goes on with and I think he should grow up and start living what he's teaching. There is hope, not sure how but there is some hope somewhere surely.

Anonymous said...

Great to see those videos back up again. The fact that he had them taken down just before his trip around the US on faith showed us all just how guilty he was. If he is that concerned about what others are saying about him then he has done something seriously wrong and his focus is on the wrong things. I would suggest that this guy could do with a few serious lessons and many he has not learned yet.

Julie Owens said...

Good to see those videos back up. If this guy is so concerned about what others are saying then his focus is on the wrong things. So much for preaching about being the best at this and that. How tragic and fragile is that?

K Peters said...

Honestly, do you expect a person who has stooped so low to grow up? Come on. When a person becomes that used to doing that sort of thing to others it is almost impossible for them to move out of that space. I am sure if he has paid all those people back the media would let the world know so I doubt it has happened. I believe the man does not have a conscience of the size or quality capable of doing the right thing. I also believe that the latest "I am religious you should be too stuff" is pathetic and a cover up. If he had an ounce of honesty or christian decency he would not being talking of such things and he would certainly not owe a person anything and he would not deny owing people anything. I do not believe he is innocent for a second.

James said...

If the Schirmers still have a house at Werribee that was found out about in 2007 why arent they selling that to pay people back? They always use the bloody excuse that it has nothing to do with anything else because they hide everything in trusts YET they happily take everyone elses money that HAS NOTHING TO BLOODY DO WITH THEM and never pay it back. Then they wonder why they are so deep in shit.

Julie said...

This is that idiot carparking spot guy. To him I say this:


I dont EXPECT one at the front door and neither should he.

K Entifinen said...

You go to this mans blog and he says his website will be u p in a few days and its still not up. that messae was put on there about 6 april. I am like everyone else I think he lies a lot just to get business. I don't like people who do that to other people and expect good results. thank you for letting usknow about this person.

rsolehater said...

I heard that the Rhema Church in Melbourne Australia (at least the one that the Schirmers occasionally attend to convert followers into clients) save are souls. Tis very true. This is quite an achievement

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