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Thursday, May 7, 2009

schirmer is a trader, NOT

schirmer's insistence on pretending to know how to trade is getting funnier by the day. Here is his latest attempt and again here at trying to convince the world of his great and wonderous skills. Unfortunately it is well understood that if you have to spend your life trying to sell trading skills it is because you can't trade!! All great traders have one thing in common, they make their money through trading, that is after all the reason why they are called traders!!

In the ACA videos it became abundantly clear that schirmer has a problem with money, keeping it that is, after conning people out of it. His Platinum Traders are still to this day waiting for the payout of the trading fund he setup with part of their money. Where is the money?? I would suggest there never was any money made through trading because schirmer cannot trade. He is part of the 90% who lose when they go to trade.

Also as part of one of these triumphant web sites is the wonderful insights that everyone is so impatiently waiting for for 2009, whoever those losers must be, because at last count we were well into May of 2009, almost half the year is gone, and now he is coming out with his prophetic predictions??

Of course the reason he is so late with his wonderful information is that he has had to wait for all the people that actually know how to forecast to come out with their forecasts. Then he can hop on their coat tails, take their information, put it into his own "report" and make some great and startling revelations and claim them for his own.

You have missed the boat schirmer, all the predictions for 2009 and beyond are already out, and you pathetic attempts at showing your trading skills are already well known.

A trader schirmer is not!!!

Then if you read schirmers web sites closely you will find that he actually is telling you about himself. In answer to a supposed question, about why he is letting you into his great and wondrous secrets, he gives 3 answers:

First, frankly one reason is to expose the "pretend experts"{remember he knows what a pretend expert is, as you will see in the results below}. I get really angry when I hear and read about these self-confessed "gurus" {schirmer is the most self confessed trader there is} and the marketing deception they use to con the naive public of thousands of dollars for 'education' that just doesn't work {marketing deception is what he is all about}. I get a kick out of amazing people with the ‘Real Truth’ on the stock market {you will see the real schirmer truth below}.

Second, this ‘Complete Stock Market Home Study Course’ has enhanced my ever-increasing “big” reputation in professional stock market circles and it has brought many great new clients to me {there is a reason for putting"big" in quotes. He is only big in his own mind. And this "big" reputation has come from his own marketing deception}.

Third, quite frankly, this Course has made and will continue to make a lot of money for me {but only if the suckers keep buying his trash. Listen to what he is saying...the course, not the trading is making him money}.

Now how do I know this about schirmers trading ability, apart from what we are told in the ACA interviews? I have some of his results!!!

One of my Aussie contacts was kind enough to pass them on and here they are. Click on each image to get a better view, but be warned, it is not a pretty sight. So here we go, results for 2004, 2005 and 2006, one of the greatest bull markets the world has even seen and schirmer could only lose money. That tells you all you need to know about schirmers trading ability.

Figures in RED are losing trades:

For 2004:

For 2005:

For 2006:

And for the final giggle, here is his win/loss ratio, where a real trader will be looking for 70% or more, and some do get 100%:

So beware, if you want to know how to trade, seek out a trader, a real trader that has proof of his trades. The best way to know a good trader is to remember that a trader does not have a marketing strategy or bombard you with websites and emails designed purely to get you to part with your money. A trader trades and a good trader makes lots of money trading, and doesn't try and sell himself or any of his products to you.

You have been warned.


Anonymous said...

Whoever you are thanks for putting this up. I have not trusted this guy for a very long time and this sure explains why. I have asked some people who have done his course what it is like and they say it only works ok in an uptrending market. So if this is the case why did he lose most of the money in the best bull market in history? Look at those first results, they are shocking.

P Andson said...

Shit are all of the red numbers losing trades? This guy is claiming to be the best out there. Wow, who do you trust?

J Phillips said...

My suspiscions fully confirmed here. I know that you can have a bad patch trading for lots of reasons but geez this is terrible. It is even worse that its coming from someone who is claiming to be so good and taking peoples money on those claims. Have these results been shown to the regulators? Does anyone know any honest trading teacher out there? I believe what you are saying, that if you have to push your products and say so much about yourself then you don't know how to trade. He should be spending his spare time relaxing and enjoying life not having life control him like this guys would have to. Anyway thanks for this. Notes taken.

Anonymous said...

Yep they are ALL losers!

Falain said...

WOW! How can this guy claim to be the best in the country if they are his results? Thanks for sharing.

Gorgeous George said...


Anonymous said...

David Schirmer is a very arrogant, deceitful and disrespectful person. He is now promoting Born Rich which is one of Proctors licensed products with Schirmers take on it. He is still selling Proctors material which is being contemptuous. How that guy and his wife can call themselves christian is incredible. It is a very good thing that so many people have walked away from them. They maintain a public image of innocence when you can only guess that what goes on behind the scenes is so far from innocent. They will never succeed because they don't know now to be fair and decent. They are very immature people who have deceived themselves into believing they are doing the right thing. Their arrogance is getting them into so much trouble and it will not stop because they will not stop being so deceitful. I believe what once started out as a good idea grew into an absolute monster and now it has impregnated their being.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou to whoever put this information up. It is about time these people were held accountable for their claims and their actions. May justice prevail.

Unknown author "There is no hole you can't crawl out of, especially one you have dug for yourself. Salvation comes through self-respect, faith, strength of character and, above all, love."

For someone to so arrogantly continue to claim to be the best there is when it is very obvious that is not the case or if he feels hes so good now, then he needs to make amends to all the people he has lied to and used in the past. That has not happened and until it does, these people will have a most terrible future.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that David Schirmer does not know what has hit him. There seems to be something really big going to happen and this guy is not going to like it. It will likely blow everything he has ever claimed out the water and he will be running as fast as he can to save himself. Won't that be interesting.

P E said...

Well if anything should hit this guy like a nuclear explosion it is the fact that he had BETTER START PRAYING FOR HIMSELF INSTEAD OF PREACHING TO EVERYONE ELSE.

Arrogance: An attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumptions

Selfishness: Denotes the precedence given in thought or deed to the self, i.e., self interest or self concern. It is the act of placing one's own needs or desires above the needs or desires of others.

Sin: Sin is a term used mainly in a religious context to describe an act that violates a moral rule, or the state of having committed such a violation. Commonly, the moral code of conduct is decreed by a divine entity, i.e. Divine law.

And what does that spell? ASS!!!!

Anonymous said...

What I find amusing is the type of people who are following this guy and his wife on twitter or facebook or wherever they are. It is such mindless chatter, so pathetic and empty and so damn depressing. Honestly they make up so much crap and stick a quote on every now and then and some fool oo's and ah's and incredibly that puffs them up for a bit and its amusing watching these people gloat over something someone says to suck up. It gives their egos and boost and spurs them on to write even more crap and off they go around in another circle again. They are feeding their own egos and making themselves feel real important, quite sad really. Oh and now they are experts on religion too LOL. I think we've finally heard it all. God help them because they need it.

Anonymous said...

To give you an idea of how special people think this guys trading workshop is there is one on ebay in Australia at the moment for a buy it now of $250 or get offer. This is the workshop that the guy charges 10 grand for apparently. I reckon that price is more like what it is worth and the rest is payment for Schirmers ego. There are several teachers out there in Australia who charge a fraction of what Schirmer charges and their material is so much better. AND they actually trade for a living. This guy can't trade, your post is evidence of that. He is full of bullshit and lies and is only in it for the amount of money he can make out of selling programs. Look at what he says he does ..... marketing ..... get it ..... marketing!!!!!

Jodie Bickens said...

Schirmer has a quote on his twit page that says this:

"What would your life look like if you loved and valued yourself the way God loves and values you?" - Genie Brazell"

He clearly has no understanding of what he has just written otherwise he would not deliberately screw people over like he does.

Anonymous said...

This guy should be reported to the authorities immediately. He is claiming that he has predicted lots of stuff yet he lost 85% of the guy on ACA's money. I am assuming these results are that guys otherwise Schirmer is in deep shit if he did that to more than one person. He is now making more predictions without a license not to mention with these sorts of results. He should and he will be exposed because I for one will insist on it.

Jeff said...

I am going to challenge anyone who has done Schirmers Courses to put his cycles on a blog somewhere to prove his shit. Put the link here and I'll look at it because I think this guy is just quoting other people he does not know his shit. Come on, get it up there or give me your email address and I'll email you privately to see it.

Peta said...

What a wanker!

Anonymous said...

Is this one of Schirmers Platinum Super Traders accounts? That guy is flirting with the devil. How cn he claim to be the best there is and lose 85% of an account during one of the best times we ever had in the market?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes justice moves slowly but this guy will surely be exposed completely in time. How can anyone claim to be such an expert when they have lost 85% of the capital in a trading account? So much for money management or any rules at all. I think he makes his rules up to suit himself as it suits. I find that criminal and thanks for exposing it. I notice he is not denying it either.

Anonymous said...

There was another story on A Current Affair in Australia about a company who closed and opened up again next day to avoid debts exaclty the same as this guy has done. These people have been labelled THE SCUM OF AUSTRALIA. How appropriate.

Anonymous said...

What has astounded me about these people is how much they focus on money. As is money is the only thing to live for. The fake perfect family business is just incredible for anyone who really knows whats going on. I think they might need more than prayers quite frankly.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that these people call themselves christian. They obviously are blind to how ethical business should be operated. Has anyone else noticed that their product called using Other Peoples Money or something like that, has been removed from sale? Why? Let out too many secrets? Fools, they are absolute fools.

Salty Droid said...

Cool. Good job putting up all the videos on Vimeo! I had lost the last two.

He obviously doesn't want those up anywhere... so we must ensure that they are up everywhere!

Gabriel E said...

David and Lorna Schirmer have burnt pretty much all their bridges over the years. It does not surprise me to see so much come out in the open about them. I do feel sorry for them because I think they have really deluded themselves into believing that they are doing something good for humanity. My grandpa used to say to us grandkids "if you spend all your time telling other people what is wrong with them and how to fix it, then you are not looking at your self enough". I think that pretty much sums up the Schirmers. I know it has been referred to many times but there is only one word for it and that is its a disease called "GREED".

Anonymous said...

Do you know what is so predictable about these people it is that they think they know everything even thought they probably even say they dont and that is why they end up in so much trouble. A quote someone (cant recall who it is) mentioned is this:

"When a Leader's character is strong, people trust him, and they trust in his ability to release their potential."

This guy could take a lesson from this quote because he clearly has a very weak character, he is clearly not trustworthy, and clearly many people do not trust his ability to do anything honestly with out being motivated by what he can get out of it himself. Why should they when it is now evident that he has hidden a lot of negative stuff for so long.

My belief is that if you cannot confront and respect the negatives in your life it is very obvious that you have a serious problem with yourself emotionally and with your past. That is not the way I want to be and its not the way I want my children to be. Hiding behind the word christian and quoting bible verses is a fools way of acknowledging positive and negative in your life. Not to acknowledge a negative is like ordering an icecream and only eating the cone. DUMB!

Anonymous said...

This guy is about to find out what its like in Hells Kitchen. He's bloody wanker who is a compulsive liar.

Anonymous said...

David Schirmer completely arrogant. He is giving away the SGR recording and Born Rich. He was taken to court by Bob Proctor and told never to have anything to do with Life Success again so what does he do. Oh of course he does the CHRISTIAN thing and takes it anyway. You would think he would simply walk away from it all and create his own stuff and leave all of that but no not David Schirmer. He is the most arrogant, disrepsectful, selfish person I have ever met.

Anonymous said...

To add some more spice to this crap about Schirmer add this:

He is claiming to be a Director
Succeed Magazine
(Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Publishing industry) Whooopeee but did he tell the world that he screwed over his previous co-director who apparently chose to quit because he could not work with a guy with NO ETHICS?

Perissos International
(Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Information Services industry)BULLSHIT did he tell the world that he screwed over the people who funded the purchase of this business PLUS BOB PROCTOR who all took him to court and got rid of him? Again, no doubt a bunch of people who quit working with the guy because he has NO ETHICS?

David Schirmer Group of Companies
(Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Financial Services industry)

February 1997 — Present (12 years 5 months)

ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT, Trading Edge Pty Ltd was put in liquidation by Schirmers previous co-director some time in 2004. He hated her so much he removed her from everything and apparently still owes her money for when she (like everyone else it seems) funded the Schirmers businesses while went on their merry way pretending to be millionaires and telling the world they were the masters of this and that crap.

Schirmer Family Farm
(Professional Training & Coaching industry)

1981 — 1986 (5 years)

More BULLSHIT. This company also folded and apparently schirmer has a lot to answer for regarding stolen patents and the like about this one too.

As you can see consistent BULLSHIT and the longer it goes on the worse it gets. What happened to all those traders who spoke up and the people who invested with the Schirmers. More BULLSHIT from Schirmer. He is trying to hide behind his lies, threats and trusts but he forgot that GOOD PEOPLE LIVE AN ETHICAL LIFE so they don't need to do any of that. This guy is a lying bloody dickhead who is never going to rest in peace because he has made for himself a bed of nails. Happy dreaming you wanker, hope you like the pricks you need to live with now.

JOJO said...

Schirmers is running a suck and see seminar at his church. Suck up to me and see what shit I can give you seminar.

"Who should attend:

Teenages about to leave school (yr 11 & 12’s);
Employees frustrated with their level of income;
Business people who are looking for ways to increase their profits;
Mum’s (and Dad’s) who want to stay at home but enjoy a great lifestyle;
Those who desire to increase their tithe to grow the kingdom of God."

The only tithing anyone going to that guys seminar is straight into his own pocket. If he can freakin well tithe he can freakin well pay his bills and pay all those people that he owes money to. How can he claim to be a freakin christian and use some ridiculous excuse of skirting around the law to say he doesn't owe anyone anythis. What sort of freakin christian is that ..... I know a freakin hypocritical one. That dude wonders why god hates what hes doing and is making him suffer. He is so freakin dumbass that he doesn't catch on ever. What a life not what a way to survive.

Caleb said...

I might be a layman but please explain how it is possible for David and Lorna Schirmer to keep appearing in court over misleading and deceptive conduct, removal as Trustee of a Trust that was supposed to be selling wealth creation and personal development materials, challenging a lawyer over legal fees that you were told about upfront and breach of copyright or something like that when you are very publicly claiming to be faith walking christians.


Anonymous said...

This idiot is now talking about writing a book and my predictions are that if he does another round of embarassing exposes will ensue. If he cannot fix up his problems and act like a christian which he claims he now is then what should he expect. He certainly should not get forgiveness. No amount of praying to the good lord will change what hes done, he has to rectify that before he can move forward without being embarassed more. A book would be a fabulous way to pull him apart.

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand that guy. In one comment he is talking about God, forgiveness, not caring what people think of him and everything spiritual and in the next comment is makes threats and nasty comments. That is not what anyone would expect from someone trying to live a christian life. It seems he is attempting to write a book probably about his rags to wishful riches story because it sure has been a colourful one.

Anonymous said...

I know some people who are just trying to separate themselves from the Schirmers. David Schirmer is shameless and has completely lost the respect of many people who have been dealing with him in the last few years. David Schirmer does not allow other people to get on with their lives. When he screws them over he likes to screw people until they have no life left. He is a disgraceful human being and not even remotely christian. He has no concept of what christianity is.

Anonymous said...

I have never met a more fake family in my entire life. The more I read the more ridiculous it gets and the more I am disgusted. How on earth do these people call themselves christians when they make the incredibly fake claims that they do. They are completely deluded and disgusting and I bet that guy is hiding lots. He looks a crook and he is a crook and his foolish wife goes along with it. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

I have never met a more spiteful sob in my life and this is a guy who cant' take his own medicine. You'd think that his own religion would save him but it seems he has no understanding of that either. It is now very obvious that he screwed over a few too many people funding his own greedy lifestyle and now he has to pay for it and he is unwilling to. His attitude should make one helluva crappy life.

He is always on about success and his success is always linked to money. The guy seems to have major issues with money. Everything he does and says is about money and if he doesn't get it he throws a tantrum or blames somwone else. Its like hes on drugs but his drug is money. Super sad for a someone attempting to convince the world hes so good.

Anonymous said...

It was a travesty that David Schirmer was included in the movie the secret. His entire life from his relationships to his finances is so incongruent with the content of the movie it beggars belief that he was even considered. I would say he is a master manipulater and found his way into the secret possibly by making more bullshit promises. I have watched this guy for years,been to some of his seminars and even given him money for a course or two which I now dont even use thats how good it is. This is a man who appears eaten up by greed and ego who has gone so far into the hole that all he knows to do now is be revengeful. I watched as good person after good person got involved and then walked away in disgust and I just had to question why. Sadly when someone deludes themselves to the point that they think their own legal set ups will protect them (which by the way is something that David Schirmer prides himself in and incredibly the person he recommended we all see for our legal setups has also walked away from him) they are only fooling themselves. I wonder if Schirmer ever considered the consequences of being such a smart arse? The impact on his business, his reputation, his credibility, his relationships and even the thing first in his life, his finances. I am aghast at some of the things he has done but not surprised because frankly, I believe this is a man who is deeply troubled and seriously obsessive about money wealth and fame that he has built himself up to the point where if he doesn't get his fix he has serious issues. As unbelievable as it seems I also think he is an extremely jealous person. No matter how many big words he uses or flattering promises he makes we now all know that is about as deep as he gets. I know that there are many people still waiting for answers from this man and they may never get them because his ego is so dangerous and all encompassing that even he doesn't see a way out. By the way I also never saw Schirmers trading skills despite asking his staff for evidence he never offered any, now I know why.

Julie said...

I am now certain that David Schirmer is deluded and I believe he is completely shameless. I am as digusted in the guy as all those people who have unfortunately been involved with him financially. It certainly appears that the guy has major psychological issues with money. I was looking at the book the secret yesterday and was speaking to a guy who openly blamed Rhonda Byrnes for putting Schirmer in the Secret. He said he was an embarassment to all aussies but sadly I think she was charmed much like everyone else who got involved with the him. What about all those people who one by one walked out on them? I've watched Schirmer blame them all for something or another and the only thing in common is him so he is no longer believable or trustworthy in my view.

And he is yet again shamelessly trying to pull the heart strings to gain a sympathy vote but it just won't happen with anyone who matters or who has influence any more because nothing he says or does is congruent with what he is attempting to teach anymore.

When you hear that the guy has been seen kissing his current pa in a carpark while blaming some other person for getting involved with him and apparently being jealous of his success (what success you might ask, I am) it is very obvious where the problem is. There IS only ONE common denominator in all of this and that is - Schirmer himself - from my view.

That man has no shame at all and his deceit will eventually destroy him and everything he has ever hoped for. Maybe he needs to convert to Budhism. He has impacted lots of peoples lives in a very negative way and if that is what he means about making an impact then he has already achieved that. I have often asked why won't any of the people in the secret have anything to do with him any more?

Is it because he uses and abuses everyone who has anything good to offer to him because he certainly seems to interpret things that people say and do however it suits him. Tell yourself a lie long enough and you will believe it, that is what I have major problems with the secret. Everyone will get sick of his religious rants soon and want even more substance and he wont be able to deliver. This guy no longer has any credibility left in my view. He lost my vote a long time ago. I just found this site after talking to the guy yesterday and I am disgusted in David Schirmer.

Anonymous said...


Engage with colleagues, avoid destructive competition and admit to your mistakes.

Now thats the sort of idea Mr Schirmer could do with learning. But will he ever?

Anonymous said...

This guy has told people he is going to live in Canada!!!!!!!!! Look out all you Canadians and Bob Proctor territorians, you are sure to have some fun BUT before this guy can head off from OZ land doesn't he owe lots and lots and lots of people through his various company purchases and agreements not to mention BMW (that would be for his luxury M5 BMW or you might say his ego feeding frenzied automobile) say probably about $150000ish for nothing. Or will he do the same stupid brainless thing and claim he doesnt owe them anything too? His future could be interesting and there won't be many places to hide. I haven't heard of anyone being paid anything yet but I have heard he hadnt paid rent, commissions and the like. Heaven knows what else he agreed to and deliberately didn't sign for so he could get people to do stuff and then get out of paying them. This guy has no shame and no scruples that is certainty and I say good riddance you parasite you are not welcome in our beautiful land.

Anonymous said...

This idiot claims he is writing a book for teenagers but he is asking what should be in it. Either you are writing it or you aren't you dickhead. He also told us his apparent students, that he was writing one about wealth creation, one about cfd's and the last promise was a book called IF I CAN YOU CAN which he promoted at his Mind and Money Event AND NEVER WROTE AND NEVER SENT TO ANY BODY. Who thinks that this idiot can do ANYTHING he says he can????????? Not me. This guy has proven to be a liar and a thief.

Anonymous said...

This guy can't make it with the adults so hes now trying to work on the kids (God help them ......)

I work amongst a lot of pros and not one of them has anything good to say about this guy, not even the guy in the coffee shop who I didnt' even know knew him until he overheard someone else getting really pissed of with him and so there were three complete strangers of the same opinion about this one loser. It is amazing how one person can be so bloody deluded that they move people to actually hate them.

The guy seems a complete lunatic and the guys wife must be even dumber not to see what a bloody wanker people think he is now and stop propping up the evil. They say what goes around comes around so I guess they really shouldnt be surprised about their results. But I think they have a hard time accepting that what they are getting is a direct reflection of what their attitude towards others. Its a bitter pill to swallow and made even more bitter when you are bloated with ego and attitude.

You can preach the good book (which is only your own interpretation so why the hell should anyone else accept their interpretation) all they like but it will never justify what these people have done towards others. I lost respect a long time ago but I think its amuzing the amount of people I come across who literally despise this guy. Wasnt he supposed to be an example of the secret? What a joke, he doesnt' know the first thing about wealth creation all he knows how to do is operate without morals and without ethics. What a wanker......and he calls that success. I'll go back into my hole its much nicer there.

Sabien E said...

There is one major fundamental flaw in the way this guy operates......he screws over the very people he needs to be successful. How he does it is anybodies guess and I have heard from the fact that he uses his Trusts (the wording of the Trust) to get out of paying people to he is just a pathetic business operator. Whatever it is he has major issues. You cannot work for or with someone that you cannot trust and you cannot trust someone who has been exposed in the media for not paying their bills. Lets face it you create the bills with your grand dreams of success and business so you pay the bills for that success and business. You don't stuff that up no matter what but it seems this guy can't help but stuff it up. I have heard stories from commissions agreed on and not paid to wages agreed on and not paid to supplier agreements agreed on and not paid. None of that spells success in fact it goes so far against success that you would wonder how someone who does it can even spell success. Excuses of people who have come in and out of your life being vindictive or angry is so ridiculous and pathetic it makes you look a complete idiot. Think about it EVERY successful business person pays their bills on or before time because they want to maintain a relationship that has the upper hand. This guy on the other hand creates the bills by convincing people he can and will pay and then doesnt have a clue how he is going to pay let alone pay. It is about time the authorities stepped in to ensure that conmen like this are whipped into line or locked away for a few years while their victims recuperate. It is not enough to slap them over the wrists and say naughty boy dont do it again and leave the victims to take action to set the record straight. This guy has proven that he will never be successful no matter what clever words he uses because fundamentally he has it completely wrong. He also seems to have an ego the size of Goliath which doesn't help him in the slightest. He has fallen into a trap of having to maintain a lifestyle and appearance that he cannot afford or maintain and that has made him the laughing stock of everyone who ever had anything to do with him. Reminds me of a quote by the great Houdini "Fire has always been and, seemingly, will always remain, the most terrible of the elements." in other words where there is smoke there is always fire............

Anonymous said...

This guy can't cut it with the adults so hes now working on the kids. Take the warning parents LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS! I have seen this guy in action and he is a sly deceitful bastard and a bloody disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Have you guys seen the amount of crap that Schirmer puts out and the lack of followers. How surprising. When you take money from other people and lose 85% while you are claiming to be the best trader in Australia (or the world for that matter as Schirmer frequently claims and some are foolish enough to believe his crap including himself) you cannot expect to get any respect let alone followers. People these days are super ike and get easily pissed off with people who are smarmy to your face and extremely deceitful behind your back. If he thinks losing 85% of a trading account (and by the way from my investigations that appears to be the only trading he did during the period he was claiming to be the best there is) is outsmarting any fund manager then wow have I got news for him. I know several people who have outsmarted Schirmer and will continue to outsmart that lose in a heartbeat. They have my respect and my ears because they are honest and reliable, unlike the man himself. When that guy can stop screwing around with everyone he will have a better life and when he pays everyone back and stops being so bloody deceitful he will have an amazing life but never before that happens. I have dibs on this guy going to his grave a mess because he can't keep his fingers out the till or off the females. Sick, very sick, in fact one sick mf in my view.

Anonymous said...

Schirmer makes this quote to his wife "Life is a series of endings and beginnings". LMAO you have got to wonder who he got caught screwing now to justify such pathetic meaningless comments to his own wife via twitter. That women has to realise soon that it aint what she thinks it is any more.

Anonymous said...

every website that this guy does now looks and feels like bullshit con crap. he is starting up his old websites hoping to make a quid on suckers but whos looking now?

Anonymous said...

In know blond jokes are so old but Lorna Schirmer would have to get first class honours for being so bloody blond. When her husband has been caught at least 4 times in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne making out with women while claiming to be "married" you have to wonder why? I don't know the women but I have met David Schirmer and frankly, I am so bloody disgusted with his morals. How can he possibly expect anyone to take him seriously and how can he expect anyone to believe him when he has lost 85% of this guys money and caught doing the things he does while claiming to be christian. I actually find is quite disturbing and psychopathic but maybe thats just me. I just feel this is a man that you just cant trust and I consider his actions not dissimilar to ponzi schemes.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou to whoever put these records up. I have wondered for a long time if this guy is legitimate and what I have discovered is that he is more than happy to take as much money as he can from you but what he offers in return is absolute crap or nothing. his home study course works as slow as a turtle for amateurs and it is ok (just ok) and the rest I believe is because he doesn't have a rats arse of proof of his trading to show anyone and given the results posted here it has concreted my thoughts. This guy is full of bullshit, blame and promises and i am sick of people like him in this industry. If he was legitimate he would trade his way out of every debt he has and he would make sure everyone that ever gave him money was satisfied with the level of service or return he offered them. Sure I understand that things can go wrong but not with everyone you ever deal with, that is far too much of a coincidence to be normal. I have never known a business person to be so spiteful and disrespectful of people. As you can see I hate the guy now and I've done several of his courses and would never recommend him. He only ever claims his students have done this or that but he hasn't and his students have no doubt had lessons from many more people other than this dickhead. How can he claim that they are HIS students and HIS results? they aren't and never were so he can keep dreaming with his head in the sand forever.

Johnathan said...

Does anyone on here know anything about a guy from Brisbane in Australia called Alan Oliver. I don't give a shit about Schirmer, I think he is a con and a greedy bastard who just uses people to feed his own interests. I have seen too much I want to learn from someone who is honest and reliable thanks.

Peter B said...

Good Lord why isn't this guy locked up? He is still claiming to be the best cycle analyst in the country. If he thinks he is then why the hell cant he pay his debts and why did he lose so much money? Nothing adds up with this guy. I am very grateful that people have spoken out as this is yet another example of how manipulative these people can be just to take your money. Thanks for the post, most valuable.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, it looks like the schirmers have stooped to a new low...

rather than ripping off adults they have stooped to ripping off kids,

Caught in New Zealand

Similar Experience?

schirmer on YouTube

Where's Wally??