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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How to take make money....

On schirmers latest regurgitation of the nonsense that continually spews out of his mouth he has written:
Learn how the mind works and as Napoleon Hill said, “Money will come so fast and so furious, you will wonder where it has been all this time.” It has for me and I know it will for you.

What he conveniently forgets to add when explaining all of this money that he ends up with, is to actually say where it comes from. It comes from a multitude of bank accounts from good living people that made the mistake of "investing" with him. These people are people looking for
ways of investing their money. And they have money!! Investing with schirmer of course, meant that they lost some, but it is not the end for them because they actually do know how to make money, without screwing anyone over. No doubt those people have moved on and are continuing to grow their wealth, but at the same time they realise they have a duty of care to others to ensure that noone else fulls into schirmers pit of lies and depravation. You will have never heard about these people because they are not looking to have an adoring crowd telling them how wonderful they are. They just go about their lives, building wealth to retire and enjoy themselves. schirmer on the other hand NEEDS the crowds of adoring people. He needs people to tell him how good he is because he realises that he has screwed so many people over that he
actually feels dirty, and the only way of covering that feeling is the adulation from an ill-informed crowd.

schirmer has some very strange ideas about money, and it is these strange ideas that will ensure that he never has much. Sure he will get some from time to time, but it will never amount to much and it will never become a stable commodity that allows him to sit back, relax and do
things unrelated to making money. He has what is called a "deficit/poverty mentality". He always spends more than he has, hence the need to continually scam money of others and the reason he continues to not pay his bills. It is a life of misery that he lives, never knowing from
one day to the next where his next meal is coming from or who will be taking him to court. He talks about showing you how to live the life of your dreams yet he has no idea how to given that he lives a life of constant lies and deception. I couldn't think of anything worse. He has
no friends, although there are those that might call him a friend, but that will all end in tears eventually when they wake up to what he is doing. schirmer has no concept of what a friend is, because he sees everyone as an opportunity to exploit.

So if you want an example of how to make money? Watch schirmer and do the exact opposite.

So far it seems that his attempts at coming over here to the US have been thwarted, so lets hope it stays that way. We have enough problems of our own here at the moment without having to deal with imbeciles like schirmer.


Anonymous said...

What a complete fool that Erikson guy is though. You can see in every word he is smitten by the hype and crap that that Schirmer guy is serving him up AND I BET HE PAID FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF REPEATING SCHIRMERS CRAP TOO because sure as hell Schirmer wouldn't have paid for it.

Schirmer only sets up those coaching opportunites to screw people over for money. DOH!! And I pity the idiots who fall for it because they have just blown their money. I give
this guy 12 months max before he realises what he's involved in.

Oh thats right the Schirmers have now seen the dazzling lights and found God or was that a $ sign? Can't be sure but its freakin weird.

Yeah and I'm Jesus. Get real, they are fakes in every sense of the word.

Anonymous said...

I have known the Schirmers for a long time in fact since they were much younger. Their family has never had a good name and David Schirmers brothers are constantly in trouble with the law. So to see that David Schirmer is now also in trouble for deceiving people comes as no surprise to me. What I find very offensive is that he used people in the church to take money from to get things for himself and now he refuses to pay those people back. I think it is a credit to everyone for standing up for what they believe and while I don't wish anyone ill I do wish that the Schirmers would see what they are doing from the other side of the fence. Their own actions are destroying their respect and own businesses. If you can't pay your bills its pretty simple, you close down you don't arrogantly continue on causing more and more people financial pain. Maybe they meant well initially but I doubt it. From what I know they have been after all they can get for nothing for years and years.

Jodie Findon said...

What I find really reaLLY REALLY scary is that the Schirmers are running a camp for young kids early in 2009. I know a number of the kids who went to that camp belonged to the church where the Schirmers used to go. They are being USED by the Schirmers to promote the next event and probably without their knowledge or approval. These people are unscrupulous in every sense of the word and should be avoided completely. There is no way in high heaven I would be sending my child along to a Schirmer camp and especially not for a thousand bucks. What they hell do they think they are doing? Screwing kids now?

Ian said...

Yes they screw everyone and sing as loud as they can in church. They suck up to the pastor and believe their own shit. Apparently St Peter accepts that as a christian way to live NOT.

They have serious issues. Wouldnt you think they would learn when everyone turns against them?

They act like little kids they dig their heels in until they completely detroy everything they have ever worked for. Now thats living the secret NOT.

Anonymous said...

Hey I reckon that P Erikson is Schirmer. He's the only idiot who would write stuff like that about himself. Keep up the good work on reporting on this guy. The US can do without people like this, we've got enough of our own and do you really think the other secret guys want him on their turf????

Anonymous said...

Probably the most ironic thing about David Schirmer being included in The Secret movie is that people now distrust him so much that they will pay anything to be disassociated with them. Now how ironic is that?

No matter what he tries to do all his material is copied and plagiarised and they will never get away from that. When you do so much wrong to so many and have been so far in the wrong that people have had to take you to court to get any ounce of truth out of you, you have something seriously going wrong in many areas of your life.

If David and Lorna Schirmer claim to be christians then they would have done the christian thing and graciously sort a resolution with everyone and paid back their debts. From what I can see and from what David Schirmer is boasting that he has done, he has spend more time skirting the law than attempting to do anything right towards other people.

He can claim to be this or that but those he has affected know the truth and so do everyone who hears their story. They don't stand on street corners boasting that they know the truth because it doesnt matter. What matters is that the Schirmers some day realise the consequences of their actions have been detrimental to a huge amount of people.

If you do good by one person it does not permit you to do wrong by over 100 or more. Even claiming that you are a christian wont do it. It is done in your heart first and foremost and then it works its way outward. I fear for the people in the Schirmers new church because I believe they are being used as pawns in Schirmers game to get rich. Just watch. Church people will be appearing on their database everywhere.

They have one intention for sucking up to people and one only and that is to get money to satisfy their pathetic needs.

Anonymous said...

Jodie Youth Destiny Camp is a $1000kids party. It is run over the school holidays so that the Schirmers can take their kids on a camp at the companies (and their creditors) expense. How can people who have been charged in the Federal Court with misleading and deceptive conduct be suitable mentors for young kids? Now that's scary stuff and I think people are absolute fools for exposing their children to such people but thats my opinion because I care about what and who my children are exposed to. Lock up your kids people before they get hooked on the Schirmer party train where the only people who gain anything are the Schirmers themselves again.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you are talking about because I knew these people from their days in Toowoomba. Weird family from the beginning but its one thing being considered weird its just not ok to take from your friends while pretending to be something that they aren't. I watched them do this on several occasions and frankly I'm not surprised they are in the situation they are in. Controversy has followed them from the beginning and the only reason why is has is because can't seem to do anything honestly. I hope they come to their senses one of these days but its not looking hopeful. Over 20 years of practice at it.

Janelle said...

What are those people doing about making Schirmer face Justice? No point talking because thats what he does best. What I have learnt about David Schirmer and his wife Lorna they want everything they can get and are not prepared to give anything for it. I know several people who paid for so called coaching opportunities with the Schirmers and they got a bit of product and nothing else. Every time I would speak to them they were always complaining about how the Schirmers were always out trying to make money for themselves and didn't care what happened to them once they'd paid their money over. From what I can see I don't think it's any different now. I think the Schirmers were big into MLM and it shows, they have the same poverty mentality and think they they are the big shots and everyone owes them something. What does it take for these people to wake up and realise what idiots they look. More TV appearance?

Julian Evans said...

Good advice. Whatever Schirmer is doing DO THE OPPOSITE IF YOU WANT TO SUCCEED.

Thats what that guy said on the Austtralian TV show Current Affair isn't it. God they must go through some staff. I imagine being owed money by these people must be like picking nits out a monkey, just got to keep at them until the little suckers are all exposed.

Anonymous said...

Well I don't think it will get any better from here because they seem to have stooped about as low as they can go. The Schirmers have done what they've done and must pay for it. If they can't be honest with people and pay thier own dues then they deserve every single piece of crap that comes their way. I bet the authorities are itching to get this guy and I bet he'll find something to blame like he's always done but it won't hang with them. These people are fully responsible for what they've done and they seem to have successfully screwed it up for every other person trying to sell the secret too. Some freaking mentor of the secret. Its a wonder they are not being sued by the other teachers, or are they?

Arty G said...

Hey I say the Schirmers should come over here to the US and we'll sort them out. They are so bloody slow downunder. Whats the guy up to now? We'll give him what he deserves for screwing good people.

Anonymous said...

I think the people who David Schirmer took money off intend to fight until hell freezes over because of what he has done. Really how can anyone claiming to understand the mind and claim to be a faith walking christian deliberately go out of their way to take so much from so many and think that noone would say anything. It sure looks like his threats to many of these people were because he had something pretty serious to hide. Lets see what comes of it but I reckon he should be bloody shit scared right now because these people will not stop and intend to go to the highest level to make sure the guys gets the message that you just don't screw people like that and pretend to be something else. That is criminal and a blatant disrespect for your fudiciary duties towards those people. Just imagine if I borrowed money from the bank and said screw you Im going to buy what I want first and then I'll pay you when I feel like it. Gulp...wouldn't last long would I. I get the feeling the guy has very serious issue around money and needs help. As for the succeed magazine I reckon it was just another plan in the plot to grab money and hide behind his so called trust deeds. God won't the authorities love him when they get hold of him. I wish everyone luck because you all deserve it.

GHM said...

"Our focus becomes our Reality and our Reality is an expression of what we believe."

I believe this is why the Schirmers are getting the results they are right now and why they are being questioned by so many people. I believe it is because what they say and what they believe and do out of the public eye are two very different things. I don't see any other way to explain it. Just look at the amount of times David Schirmer uses the word negative in his comments. Look at the amount of times he blames other people for his own situation. Look at the amount of times they deny ownership of what they has created. Then look at how much they look for recognition.... Draw your own conclusions but I have my beliefs about people that act this way. What will be the next excuse or lie for the magazine not being produced? My personal opinion is that there has been a lot more go on behind the scenes than what we the public may ever know about. I don't believe that they even understand the material they are trying to teach and they certainly don't appear to live it. I believe people like Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, Loral Langmeir and all of those people are just doing what they are doing for the money. If they were all wealthy they would not be selling the public some as pathetically intangible as HOPE!

Anonymous said...

That is very well said, thankyou. I think that maybe at some point these poeople saw the good in selling the stuff they do but they got a bit greedy. If there is anything to blame it would have to be greed. What does the bible say about greed?


I. Some Biblical references to greed.

Ps. 10:3 - "the greedy man curses and spurns God"
Prov. 11:6 - "the treacherous are caught by their own greed"
Jere. 6:13; 8:10 - "everyone is greedy for gain"
Lk. 12:15 - "be on guard against every form of greed; life is not in possessions"
Eph. 4:9 - "Gentiles...practice every kind of impurity with greediness"
I Thess. 2:5 - "we did not come with pretext for greed"
I Tim. 3:8 - (deacons) "not fond of sordid gain" (cf. Titus 1:7)
II Peter 2:3 - (false prophets) "in their greed they will exploit you with false words"
II Peter 2:14 - (false prophets) "have hearts trained in greed"

II. Defining and describing greed.

A. Greed is inordinate desire to acquire and possess
1. lust and envy - James 4:2
2. covetousness - Exod. 20:17; Rom. 7:7,8; I Cor. 5:11
3. selfish immoderation of desires - "Me-ism"
4. patterning of the "flesh"
B. Greed is sin - contrary to character of God
1. Listed in the Bible with the gravest of sins - Mark 7:22; Rom. 1:29; I Cor. 6:10; Eph. 5:3
2. Roman Catholicism identified as one of seven "deadly sins"
C. Greed involves the "personal aspiration" of the "lust of the eyes" (I Jn. 2:16)
D. Greed is related to materialism
1. living for possessions - Lk. 12:15
2. get rich quick - I Tim. 6:9
3. love of money - I Tim. 6:10
4. Rockefeller - "How much is enough? More than I presently have."
E. Greed is idolatry - Eph. 5:5; Col. 3:5

III. Practical expressions of greed.

There may be greed if you:

...keep "wish lists" of desired objects to purchase.
...can't say "no" when offered money to do a job.
...are always seeking ways to make more money.
...feel resentment when someone acquires what you would like to have
...have fallen for several "get rich quick" schemes. ...joined a multi-level marketing?
...are disturbed after losing a relatively small amount of money.
...become perturbed when you purchase an item and find it cheaper elsewhere.
...feel good and find relief in going shopping.
...would rather have a high paying job than one which is interesting and rewarding
...despise paying taxes and have sympathy for those who find ways to avoid such.
...feel uneasy around people who are wealthier than you.
...make disparaging remarks about people who are rich.
...engage in the "one-up-man-ship" of topping another's accounts of acquisitions.
...go to an "all you can eat" buffet and feel obliged to eat as much as possible to get
your money's worth.
...give something wanting to be properly credited or reciprocated. through neighborhoods with exclusive homes yearning to live in such.
...ponder how much it is going to cost when a family member gets sick.
...feel imposed upon when one of your children asks for money to buy something.
...insist on controlling the family finances and the checkbook.
...argue with your mate about how much they are spending on personal items.
...brag about the "bargains" you got, how "thrifty" you are, or how little you paid for
...boast of how clever you were in getting the best of another in a business deal.

IV. Solution to greed.

A. Deriving the character of God by faith.
B. God's character involves contentment. God lacks nothing, wants nothing.
Lk. 3:14 - "be content with your wages"
Phil. 4:11 - "content in whatever circumstances I am"
I Tim. 6:6 - "godliness is means of gain, accompanied by contentment"
I Tim. 6:8 - "food and covering, with these we shall be content"
Heb. 13:5 - "content with what you have"
C. We are to be fulfilled and satisfied in the abundance of Christ's life -
John 10:10 - "life more abundantly"


Anonymous said...

It amuses me that people are surprised that they got fleeced by David Schirmer. If you had known the guy years ago you wouldn't be surprised at all. He always hated being told hes wrong, he always hated being told what to do, he always hated paying people because he didn't want to work for his crust. He learnt to looooooaaaaaan money off people a long time ago. Well thats the David Schirmer I knew anyway and if its the same one I don't think he's changed one bit. I say there could be hundreds of David Schirmers in the world but i bet I've got the right one.

Anonymous said...

HALLELUYAH or however spell it.

Finally people understand what a fraud this guy has been. I have noticed that the people who have supported him only hang around while he has them mesmerised and he isn't finished screwing them. As soon as they realise they have been screwed over they get the hell out of there as quick as possible. I am amazed that more people have not spoken up but thanks to everyone who has.

The guy is a bloody parasitic maggot. He's a greedy bastard who has stolen from a lot of people. I think he has not yet got what he deserves but its probably coming because he's been asking for it from the universe for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

I believe beyond a shadow of doubt that these people are driven my money. Eveything that they say and do is tainted with words that are driven by greed. I like what someone else pointed out that they are selling stuff that is intangible so when people buy things from them they are really getting nothing but hot air. They will give you a book that costs about $3 to produce or a program that would cost about $50 maximum to produce and they make you feel guilty if you don't buy more like you are not feeding your brain. Yeh right. The only brain food required is enough sense to know when to stop. Their whole intention it to make you need more and more of their stuff all the time. I have a few of this sort of stuff and its allthe same just written different ways and designed to make you feel guilty that you don't want more.

Anonymous said...

That is what all those personal development people do. The play on peoples need for recognition and create a hyped up greed in them. How any of them can claim to be associated with christianity is beyond me. But who am I to question what other people want to feed on. Or why should I care if these people screw over people just to feed their egos. I think the whole thing is really weird and they are the first to whinge if someone says something they dont' like about them, boohoo. Geez wake up and be men and women. Is that what the material does? Then why would anyone want anything to do with it?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I sat in Schirmers workshop and listened to him boasting about having this and that and now we find out it was all fake. I have friends who are purchasing a 2million$ house but they are borrowing a lot of money that does not make them a multimillionaire and they would be the first to say so. You are only that when you own that. Until then you owe everyone. To claim you are a multimillionaire just becuase the bank approved finance for the purchase of a property is totally flawed and dangerous. It is boasting about something that simply is not true. And by the looks of it the only reason why he got that was because a lot of people assisted him financially and no doubt that was just with the deposit. I find this sort of selling very dangerous indeed.

Phillip said...

Schirmer can go to the US we don't want him here but the impression I get is that I think everyone who he has taken money from or promised to pay it back will like to see justice served before he goes

Anonymous said...

Schirmers trading edge page has a page a massive page relating to american law. Anyones guess where he thinks he's heading next but you have to wonder why the australian authorities would allow him to escape after so many people claiming that they are owed money.

Anonymous said...

Who is this guy? I know he was in that secret movie and book but really who is he?

Anonymous said...

the Schirmers were teaching kids how to turn $500 into $500,000 in 90 days. What a freaking joke that is. To start with the kids probably spent all their pocket money going to the camp and then what they dont' realise is the guy himself doesn't even follow his own advice. If he did, why hasn't he paid off everyone like he said he would? he is a liar and a thief in my opinion and he should be avoided and I find it particularly irking that he is now involving kids.

Anonymous said...

This guy is now trying to get clients from his new Church. It was only be a matter of time before he started doing it. The guy has only one thing in mind and that is to screw as much money out of as many people as quickly as he can and hide it. If these people had any business ethics why have so many of their staff left them and spoken out against them? Why would the people they owe money to feel that their only option is to speak up in the media? Why would Bob Proctor remove all connections with them and it must have got damn impossible because he had to do it by federal court orders? Why the hell would they continue lying knowing that all of these people know what they have been up to? And why the hell doesn't that new church they belong to do some checking before they allow these people to deceitfully do business to their members? Maybe they think that there is something in it for them and maybe these people have them believing that they really are wealthy honest business people. Allow me to spew. How dumb are people when so much has been exposed in the media. Its probably only a small amount of what has really gone down and some people still choose to be completely ignorant to it. If they get burnt at a time when things are going down hill so quickly then they deserve to be caught. One look at the guy tells you pretty much everything. He is fat, he has moved offices that many times over the last few years, he's had staff leaving like flies, he's had to sell his mansion he boasted about owning, hes lost all endorsement by his apparent friend Proctor, hes been exposed as a fraud cheat and liar on national tv and now all he can do is try to get clients out of church members and try to make gurus out of kids. Where is this guys world heading? The mind boggles but I'll keep watching because I was one of the fools who went to his seminar.

Anonymous said...

What is scarey about David and Lorna Schirmer is that they are now trying to live their life through their kids by putting the kids out there. This is exactly what wealthy people do not do and confirms that they have no idea about what it is like to have real money. They obviously have no wealth otherwise they would not spend their time telling the world what they are up to and what their kids are up to. If ever there was a giveaway of a persons true worth it is that. They pass with flying colours as idiots. Now the kids will pay for their stupidity big time and maybe that has to be the case. The next generation have to pay too.

Julie B said...

The next generation will pay whether they want to or not!

Anonymous said...

Are these David and Lorna Schirmer that used to live in Toowoomba???
Oh my gosh! I heard that they were kicked out of their old church and now they are using another one. How stupid. Don't they ever get the message that people don't like others who are fake especially when they take from them. Sheesh, when do they stop?

Anonymous said...

This guy is trying to launch another magazine, yes, after screwing over the last guy he is trying to start up yet another business and God help anyone who gets involved. I bet this one will involve the church he thinks he's part of now. Lets see if my prediction comes true. Never met the guy but feel I know how he's working. I know people who have met him and can't stand him, say he's a sleaze bag and everything about him is fake for one

Anonymous said...

Yes a friend of a friend told me that he is working with a guy in Queensland Australia called Benjamin Bessington and a guy from the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia from Neways called John Armitage-Smart.

If those guys have a brain between them they wouldn't go into business with this guy but as they don't appear to it should be fun watching him screw them over.

P Jones said...

You need to put a new blog up because David Schirmer is now USING two other aussies to make his way to the US. The people are Benjamin Bessington who is a nobody and John Armitage-Smart who is apparently involved in the MLM company Neways. What suckers, they have no idea they are being USED and USED big time. The Neways guy would be a perfect sucker to get Schirmer in front of people he thinks will help him. Isn't Proctor involved in Neways or something too? Surprised he would allow it. Be a good show.

Anonymous said...

I have reported David Schirmer to the authorities for his absolutely offensive and blatant opportunism by trying to profit himself by pretending to give to the bushfire appeal.

What a bastard. That shows the world categorically the low that this guy will stoop to to make money for himself. I hope everyone has enough sense never to buy anything from them ever again.

Anonymous said...

These people are so full of their own ego that they think they have an obligation to tell the world the news on the bushfires in Victoria. If people want to listen to the news they go to the news site for accurate information. Bit sad when they only get one or two people comment back, shouldn't that tell them that they've already heard it. The Schirmers don't even live close to the bushfires they are just using it to gain sympathy to benefit from the tragedy. I grieve along with everyone else, I have a business which is successful and I will not be promoting products attempting to profit from this tragedy. I find that just so crass and tasteless but isn't that what these people have always been like. Crass and tasteless?

Anonymous said...

The public are not even remotely aware of what the Schirmers have done to other people. What they might realise is that they are attempting to cover it all up by preaching to people and making people believe they have been converted to good people. Sadly that will soon be exposed as a fraud as well. The day is coming all you good people, very soon, just hang in there.

Anonymous said...

LOL No I've just seen Schirmers comments on youtube and the guy is a total idiot. Any wonder everyone has walked away from them I think he has a serious psychological problem. To start with he cannot accept criticism in any form. He cannot accept that he is not the worlds authority on the mind nor does he have ANY qualifications to make such claims. He cannot accept that no matter what he says he still has not paid the people back he owes money to and NOTHING will change that nor will it change the way everyone feels about what he has apparently done. He also cannot accept the fact that everyone is so over his crap especially when I have spent a fortune on his bloody born rich material becuase HE TOLD EVERYONE THAT THAT WAS THE ONLY PROGRAM HE WOULD RECOMMEND. Now hes on youtube saying that his program is the only one he would recommends. WHAT A BLOODY LIAR AND FRAUD. This guy needs reporting and I feel like sending all my thousands of dollars of products back to him and saying stick it you know where. These people are an absolute disgrace to the industry and I hope someone does something about them very soon. I am sick of listening to his SELFISH APPEALS for recognition when all he is offering is crap. I have never seen any proof of his trading ability despite the fact that makes so many claims. I have heard that he is using other peoples returns for the purposes of his marketing but I have no idea maybe that needs investigating by whoever does that. I think these people are greedy sharks who act like wolves in sheeps clothing. He wants to fake being a bible basher so we should all throw the bible back at him. I am disgusted and I'm not afraid to say I despise these people.

Sharon Emms said...

I agree, these people always look and talk down to everyone. I have listened to them and watched them and every title they claim they have given to themselves. Nothing has been justified or dignified with credible evidence. To make promises and never keep them is like telling a child you love them when every action shows that really you despise them. They know it, they feel it, they believe it and they NEVER FORGET IT.

Their latest attempt to profit from the poor souls who lost loved ones and their treasured possessions vindicates everyone who ever made a comment about their ethics. It is disgraceful.

[b]"TO achieve what the world calls success a man must attend strictly to business and keep a little in advance of the times.

The man who reaches the top is the one who is not content with doing just what is required of him. He does more.

Every man should make up his mind that if he expects to succeed, he must give an honest return for the other man's dollar.

Grasp an idea and work it out to a successful conclusion. That's about all there is in life for any of us. -- Edward H. Harriman. "[/b]

D Palin said...

You know I can't believe how stupid those people are. Don't they realise that everyone is watching what they are doing and saying? Especially now that the world is in such a dire position. I have heard comments about their basic trading system that it only works in an uptrending market. If that is the case and they are knowingly selling it when it is not going to give anyone any returns they they are being frauds in my view. And if they can't even prove that they use their own system then that is even worse. They should be exposed everywhere to protect the public.

Jane said...

did any of you see that David Schirmer is claiming to have been cleared of any wrong doing.

What a joke, if the law in australia has let this guy go them God help us all.

If I were those people he is accusing I would sue him. I think they were on one of those videos weren't they? Those poor people trying to get some justice and now this guy is getting too cocky for his own good.

I find him and his comments really eeewwwk. What do others think?

Anonymous said...

Why are so many of these blogs being taken down? I can see that David Schirmer is claiming to have been cleared but cleared of what and where is his proof? I want to see some proof before I ackowledge he's done nothing wrong. Don't you?

Kev M said...

I reckon all these posts can be taken down because it doesn't matter what is said it is what this guy does that matters. If he has found a way around the law to get out of whatever it is he was accused of then the law of attraction will continue to work against him, he should know that.

He would be much wiser to shut up and get on with life now and let everyone get on with theirs too. In my view what has been done has been done and because of who he is claiming to be he should be being the example not the antagonist.

I wish he would grow up and fight his battles in private because all these negative comments coming from him just make people shy away all the more. I mean who wants to even speak to him if hes going to throw the book at you the minute you challenge him?

Anonymous said...

What I find very interesting is that I pdf'd a copy of Schirmers website yesterday because I believed he really was cleared of all allegations and when I looked back at his website today he had changed the words on to appear something very different. Either I am going crazy or this guy is in some serious trouble. I have now come to the conclusion that he cannot be trusted. I am offended at how he accuses so many other people but he does not take responsibility for anything. In fact his actions have totally turned me off the secret and everything to do with it including all of those other teachers. I used to really enjoy Joe Vitales comments and lessons and now I am so disgusted in all of these people that they make me physically sick to the stomach. I really am concerned about the amount of people who are so deeply emotionally affected by these people. Why don't we have laws for this sort of crap???????

Anonymous said...

schirmer says this in his blog

"It is interesting that as of today Channel 9 & Fordham have pulled all defamatory videos off YouTube, and all references from other users have been deleted."

if you google the phrase "david schirmer exposed" for the past month youll find all the tweets in question. when you click on the links the tweets provide youtube says

"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Schirmer Financial Management."

aca didn't pull them off. schirmer did.

Anna said...

Copied text from elsewhere so please discover the original. I just enjoyed this and thought it seems to be what the problem might be here.

Magic: The Principles of Higher Knowledge
Karl von Eckartshausen

First Principle
"Only when you have a good heart do you deserve and have
access to the secret sciences.
Any Human Being who has this quality will use this knowledge for the benefit of mankind and not for
personal, material gain.
Wisdom is like the sun. It warms up every mortal and illuminates men's crown. The physical
body is necessary to feel the warmth of its bliss, which commensurates with the degree of its warmth.
Evil Human Beings are not worthy of this knowledge or to know the path which leads to the "Art of Happiness."
What would be a blessing for mankind through Nature, would become a curse, a plague for mankind in the hands of an
evil person.
The scent of fragrant flowers would be for naught, if you do not possess he ability to smell. To quote an old proverb:
"Do not throw pearls in front of swine."
A principle of nature teaches us that even the most wholesome herb can,
through lack of knowledge of its power,
turn into a dangerous poison.
It is also the nature of the moth to fly into the flame because it lacks the knowledge of what effect the flame has.
These principles are very important.
Think about them and remember them always.
You do not obtain the understanding of this knowledge by only reading it.
When you are looking for gems in a muddy area,
you search slowly and thoroughly, otherwise you will not succeed.
Do not believe everything and do not reject everything,
it is the endeavor of a wise person to examine everything.
Such a person cannot be deceived by looks or appearances,
his life is dedicated to searching for the truth!"

I would like to find the original text so if anyone can help I'd appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I think Mr Schirmer is a very foolish man. I know he says that he understands how people think but his actions show that he does not understand how people think or feel. If he did, he would know that there are a lot of people very annoyed with what he has said and done and he needs to provide a solution to them. It appears that he is trying to blame the media and other people for getting angry with him however for them to get angry he has to have done something in the first place. If he took a step back and said now what have I done that these people could be angry with me about he would probably discover lots of things the he probably isn't prepared to admit to right now. The easier road is to blame and not take responsibility so right now that appears the path he is choosing. I don't understand how you can take that path and claim to be a christian at the same time. I have met his wife and I don't know what to think of them to be honest. I know it is very possible for appearances to be one thing and reality another and right now that is how I feel about them. I have questioned a lot of things that they have said and done in the past and why so many staff and business people have walked away from them, people who don't appear to even know each other and probably have nothing to do with each other even now. Something is not right about how they do business but I don't know what it is. All I do know is that there seems to be a lot of very disappointed people who have every right to be angry if they did not get the service that was promised or that they paid for. They don't have any products that I am interested in now. I think everyone is pretty much over the secret stuff and that personal development stuff but I'm not sure if they are doing that any more anyway. I also don't understand how he makes the claims he does about being such a great trader when he isn't prepared to prove it. I mean I wouldn't pay anyone anything if they were not prepared to prove that the product that I am getting does the job that is claimed it does. Some proof would be good to see if any of the stuff really is worth what they charge for it.

Anonymous said...

That guy is shameless. Just incredible, he buys whatever he wants and doesn't give a shit about all the people he owes money to and he wonders why they hate him. Really weird.

Anonymous said...

This guy is on his way around our beautiful country trying to sell his bullshit to the gullible. I saw on his website as he claimed to have been cleared of all wrong doing and then changed it to something that didn't even confirm he had been cleared and then to removing the blog all together. Those are not the actions of a person who is not trying to manipulate the public?

And what is with his peewee sidekick who is publicly bullying people into making an apology to the guy. What sort of bullshit art is that and who the hell do they think they are? If only they knew just how stupid they look now. I bet all those people down under who have had about enough of these peoples excrement are laughing their heads off at them at just how stupid they really are.

I'd much rather they stay in their own town not come here.

Anonymous said...

This is what this guy wrote to a couple of people who dissed him on twitter "We all mess up, the sign of a gr8 person is admitting wrong and fixing it up. I honor u"


This guy is a loser and he is so up himself that he thinks the whole world revolves around what him and what he wants. He does not give a shit about anyone else.

Phillip P said...

I think the three amigos who are currently surfing the US of A are the biggest bullshitters to come out of Qld at the one time. I reckon none of them have anything much between them and they are an embarassment to our beautiful state. I hope everyone out there can see through them fast because they will end up screwed like everyone else apparently has been.

Anonymous said...

Well Arty G the guy is now in America so go look him up and see what you think.

He's trying to flog his home trading course in the USA according to his pathetic little video. I believe that his course does not work in a down trending market. That means he is using the next few months to sell as many of his courses as possible because he knows that beyond that time he doesn't have a hope in hell of selling any because the market is expected to head south again for years.

So I hope those people in America are smart enough to do some research before they go listen to him because his smooth talkin ways will probably suck a few in. Once hes got your money you don't have a hope in hell of seeing any of it back. I would be wanting a US office guarantee that he will refund in full if it does not work.

Anonymous said...

I've watched all the videos and I know both sides of this issue. My personal opinion is that in the end there is no winner just the law of attraction which we know one of these parties claims to understand. My belief is that this person obviously attracted that to themselves and the reason they continue getting the same results is because they continue doing the same thing. If they were to change their results would change too. That person is guilty of creating anger, frustration, distrust, shame, disgust, disassociation and all of those things in my opinion because of certain steps that were taken behind peoples backs and very dishonestly. That person also claims to be christian and that is where the root of all the problems is. Our belief is the very core of our being and that has been placed in question.

Anonymous said...


" David Schirmer says:
February 27, 2009 at 7:24 am
I agree, ACA is the most stupid show on TV … as well as totally inaccurate, deceptive and slanderous. Ben Fordham has sought to ruin many good Australians over the years with lies and deception. I don’t wish anyone to go to prison, I do hope though that justice is done to Fordham for the evil he has done to many people."

This is coming from someone who claims to understand the Laws of the Universe and more importantly claims to be a Faith Walking Christian. You've got to wonder what level of understanding some people really have.

If someone is continually blaming other people instead of looking deep inside themselves at their own issues and who says they don't wish this or that on others yet they continually throw spit in their face, then what are people to make of them? How is that going to change any situation for themselves?

Would it not be better to say and do nothing but be honest and act with integrity and uphold the beliefs you publicly confess to live by? Think about it, this guy is proclaiming his love of God, love of the Bible, love of Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards all men. Wow, big call....I wonder what he really thinks because these types of comments tell me something very different?

Anonymous said...

David Schirmer is now having a very public fight on his TWITTER page. No doubt he will find someone to BLAME for it and he will also have a mile of EXCUSES as to why he is being picked on. It is so easy to spot a FAKE when they start that crap. He should immediately take responsibility and shut up because I doubt all the enemies he has created will let him rest until he does. What a wanker coming to the US and trying to play KING DICK just shows you how arrogant the man really is.

Anonymous said...

I have followed David and Lorna Schirmer on facebook and twitter and I am convinced that they have a really lousy life. Here I am living the life I bet they can only imagine having. I create my day and the only committment I have is to take my child to and from school. These people are slaving away begging people to follow them into the unknown abyss of internet marketing just so that they can make money out of them. They say its not about making money but they are not the type of people to do anything that does not involve taking something off someone else so the only other thing it could be is to add to their database. What is really weird about these people is that they get up and tell everyone else how to live but they live a really really crappy life themselves. Apparently they owe people money everywhere, have people chasing them everywhere, have to make money otherwise they can't even pay the rent, it is so much the absolute opposite of what they teach its amazing and yet still people think that if they follow them they'll know success. If that is their intepretation of success then I am clueless. I think I'll go grab a book and have a read and feed my brain instead of letting other people feed my brain. These people can't seem to make it in life without taking from other people and I find that really really sad, no actually very fraudulent and pathetic. I'll continue following because I am amused at how the people that speak out the most have the most to lose and actually have the least in life.

Anonymous said...

O M G if I could say that any louder or harder I would because I am seriously in awe of just how deluded some people have become as a result of the secret.

A guy, who incidentally is currently on Schirmers good books because he actually said something ok about the secret(whoohoo, he deserves it like!) said this:

"Exactly, I watched The Secret w/Abraham >100x & my life turned around. I am so grateful. And I always get great parking! ;)"

THAT right there is pure delusion GOLD? That is just too weird and I reckon that even Schirmer can't find a parking spot where he wants it let alone saying something so deluded and weird as you've watched the secret 100 times



I believe that is where the secret is seriously sick and dangerous and how dare they consider that remotely normal.

Anonymous said...

OMG David Schirmer has got an association going with Perry Belcher. Do you people in Australia know what a fraud that guy is? He has just been charged here and is serving something like 10 years probation. The government are selling off all his assets and David Schirmer is right up his arse. For a christian man that is really scary and sends a very bad message.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't David Schirmer move to the USA because he'd have more people to screw over there but I suppose they screw all the harder back too don't they.

Anonymous said...

If David Schirmers trip to the US was to make money to pay his debts in Australia then I'm sure everyone would applaud him and now would be a good time to make a committment to those who claim he owes them something. But if his intentions are to keep what he makes there in the US then he can expect a lifetime of grief and pain which his children will have to suffer too.

If he does not follow through on his promises now he is only confirming to everyone that he is deliberately setting things up to walk away from his outstanding obligations in Australia. Also how long have all these people been waiting for the money they were promised years ago and in the meantime David Schirmer has been flitting around the world and driving his M5 BMW and doing all sorts of stuff at everyone elses expense? That is the epitome of greed and selfishness and there is not a shred of christian in it despite the false impression he is attempting to give people.

I believe the Church theme is a cover because a true Christian does not act like he does, they put others first even at their own expense. Trying to slime your your way up the ladder of the church and sell your ill conceived plans to the church goers does not exonerate you from your wrong doings in fact is makes those you have wronged despise you even more. So I hope this is not what he is doing.

Ask any really successful businessperson and they will tell you that any business person who puts themselves before their clients is doomed to serious failure. I believe David Schirmers actions and arrogant attitude has secured his doom.

If he had the true heart of a Christian he would write to each and every person who claims something from him and commit to them and to God his intentions.

"Jesus says, Do good to those who despise you; bless those who disrespect you; pray for those who insult you; love your enemies...."

This is what this man will have to do now because he has foolishly allowed his own attitude to rule him believing he has not done anything wrong to anyone.

Anonymous said...

David Schirmer is not a Christian. A Christian does not appear in court accused of misleading and deceptive conduct towards his fellow men. A Christian does not avoid paying their debts to society. A Christian does not blame other people for mistakes they have made. A Christian does not threaten people who speak out against them regardless of the circumstances or what their own personal opinion is. A Christian does not get accused of not does not do things behind peoples backs to put others in a very difficult position. A Christian does not fabricate things to make themselves appear someone that they are not. A Christian does not claim to be an expert a guru or a master of anything without the documented proof that he or she has completed the appropriate lessons to claim that title. A Christian does not align themselves with people of questionable integrity. A Christian does not put himself before all others. I do not believe David Schirmer is a Christian at all.

Anonymous said...

Not only is he not a Christian he also made a complete ass of himself by publicly saying this:

"DJIA INDEX: Week 16 of PC, fall for at least 1 week. Support levels at 6334, 617 & 5324.
6:23 PM Mar 9th""

Just incredibly the DOW made its biggest gain that week since about November 2008. That proves that he just pulls crap out his arse to try to flog off his products. I do not believe the guy has any idea what he's talking about and I do not believe he uses what he tries to teach. I do believe he will say anything to make money for himself at the expense of absolutely anyone. I do not believe he cares what he does to make a buck and his alignment with that fraud in the US who was selling false hope and potions to sick people just to make a buck proves it.

That is as close to Christian as I am to being Jesus. I think he deserves nasty justice.

Joseph said...

These people practice this to get out of everything:


Because they have to throw people off the scent when they get too close to the truth.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous. What is even more amusing is that when the secret was doing well Schirmer was ione of the loudest at singing its praises. But now that it has run its course of usefulness he is now saying that he doesn't believe in some of it. What a wanker and how selfish and manipulative.

Right so while I can take your money I'll screw you as much as I can by selling this stuff that I don't really believe in. Now that its money making ability has completely slowed I'll create some other crap to sell you because I know you are stupid enough not to question what I'm saying and just pay what I say you should. I'll make you feel bloody guilty if you don't buy it and I'll tell everyone that you are a loser if you don't.

Oh so christian, not. What is it with this Christian crap anyway. How dare they associate Christianity with Marketing. They dare because it sells and makes them money. The only thing they are interested in is money, nothing else. The good book says the LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.

I think that says it all.

Anonymous said...

These people should be asked if they have lived an exemplary life in order to makes the public claims that they do about being a christian and understanding the human mind and the will?

I don't think they and many other people even understand their own. In fact it takes a lifetime to do that and no-one can claim to fully understand anyone elses mind let alone their own.

I think many of the claims that these people make are very dangerous and are simply motivated by greed. A greed for money.

Money is the root of all evil.

Anonymous said...

Dont tell me these people are still operating. What happened to all those people they owed money to? Did they do their usual christian thing and avoid paying them? I can't stand the way they are always on about being a christian and quoting verses from the bible and stuff when everyone knows that for years they have avoided paying people. I find it all quite sickening really.

Anonymous said...

Yes the LOVE of MONEY is the ROOT of all EVIL. And it is impossible to see anything else in what these people do. Self self self all the way which breeds contempt and greed.

Anonymous said...

How ironic, this is what Schirmer says on his blog:

"How Long Are The so called 'Experts' Going To Blame Everybody Else But Themselves For Losing Your Money"

What is so laughable about that is that he is the one who is accused of losing everyones money. I think your analysis of conmen is really accurate. Deny everything, admit nothing and throw counteraccusations - its a cover up.

Anonymous said...

"Be true to your work, your word, and your friend."- Henry David Thoreau

Peter Evans said...

I have just discovered that eight companies belonging to David Schirmer have strike off action against them by the ASIC in Australia.

Edelfevre Pty Ltd
Jempleton Pty Ltd
Gesoros No.1 Pty Ltd
Gesoros No.2 Pty Ltd
Gesoros No.3 Pty Ltd
Gesoros No.4 Pty ltd
Gesoros No.5 Pty Ltd
Gesoros No.6 Pty Ltd

Does anyone know what business the Schirmers conducted in these companies? This is the sort of information that the public should be made aware of not have to go searching for. I suppose the ASIC have enough to do without sending the public warnings about these people all the time. I never did trust these people not that I had any experience with them but something about the way they made a grand effort to boast and then claimed to be faith walking christians just didn't add up to anything that I believe is christian. Oh well I guess the authorities will sort them out but I hope people didn't get caught in the closure of these companies.

Anonymous said...

This guy is such a loser all he does is blame blame blame and make religious quotes to justify all the blame. His latest trick is to make a pathetic target out of other people to make people think he is an innocent victim. What a wanker, nothing could be further from the truth yet he deludely claims his beliefs as truth. Sad case. The media and everyone else who talks about him don't do it unless they are pissed off with him for some reason. This guy acts like a schoolgirl who just got caught.

Anonymous said...

[...] order to experience discord, think discordant thoughts, seek to manipulate others and rip them off. David Schirmer here is not a victim, such a thing would not be possible and so his knowledge of the law is [...]

Anonymous said...

How ironic, this is what Schirmer has on his blog.

"How Long Are The so called 'Experts' Going To Blame Everybody Else But Themselves For Losing Your Money"

Wasn't it him who screwed up and lost a lot of peoples money?

I want to see that guy on the very first A Current Affair interviews results where he said that Schirmer traded for him and turned $100,000 into $15,000. Bring it on. What he has done should be made public not pussing footing around like he is. The guy is a sick deluded loser.

Anonymous said...

Schirmer says this on his Twitter page "U can't imagine how much I wanted 2 own the SGR seminar."

Oh yes I think those investors do because it looks like he took it all for himself only to lose the bloody lot of it through his own greed. What a wanker

Anonymous said...

Peter Evans all of those companies that you mention have strike off action against them, it has now been removed. ASIC removes strike off action if the person finally pays a bill. I would say that is what happened in this instance and thanks for letting us all know. Like many others mention my gut tells me that there is something really fishy about that guy and the way he does business. When you can't even pay for the rego of your company you are in deep and you cannot put it down to a lapse of judgment or forgetting about it because the authorities keep a record of everything. Pity all those people who are claiming to be owed money can't put as much pressure on him as the government agencies can because it might strike a bit more fear into him. Something which I think he shows now respect for.

Anonymous said...

Schirmer is now sucking up to another magazine called Mentor Magazine. They must be dumb ass people to want him in their group. What does it say about them?

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Similar Experience?

schirmer on YouTube

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