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Friday, November 7, 2008

Promises, Promises.....and that is all you get!!

Some interesting facts were passed through to me this week from some friends in Australia.  It has come to light that schirmer shows an interesting trend of starting something, promising future editions on a regular interval and then never following through with the promise.  It is a bit like the promises he makes to everyone, investors included and even on National Television.  It is obvious he uses the promise of more to come as part of his marketing strategy to suck people in then once he has their attention or money then he never delivers again.  Now that is a great way to run a business!!  No wonder he is continually having to try something new, as he can never stick to anything for long and all of this is reflected in the poor state of his business.

This is a news letter that started and promised more, but nothing ever eventuated:

On his YouTube response to the A Current Affair report that exposed him he promised weekly updates...of course that was the first and last:

He then started a blog to explain the Australian Market that was supposed to be weekly but ended up all over the place with a number being back dated (to make himself look clever when in fact he doesn't have a clue).  The last one of those was seen in January 2008:

So now he has started another one, but in his usual fashion it is all hindsight trading, and the bit he does forecast was wrong!!!:

Then their is his Succeed Magazine which in its short history has already missed one issue and now the issue due in "on October 1st, 2008" never eventuated.  So as mentioned on a previous posting here about the "SUCCEED" magazine "FAILING" it looks like I was a few months out.  Another source suggests that he has promised to have it out as follows:

"The magazine is going to press this week and will be available for distribution by the end of next week.  They will be making this issue December/January 2009 because of the serious delays."

"This week" is referring to the week beginning the 27 October, so "end of next week" is referring to the week ending the 7th November, 2008.  So one could suggest that this could be another promise like all the other promises above.

You can see schirmer's statement regarding the proposed dates of his magazine on the this site:

Note that the magazine cover that is shown for the October issue is in fact the August issue suggesting that the October issue has never been even thought about.  Hope you are not a subscriber because you have probably just lost your money.  If this is the case I would suggest that you contact the Australian Authorities that follow up of this sort of theft, namely the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission:


Anonymous said...

Wow you get some good information. Why don't you put your blog link with the other list on the front page so we get to look at it there also.

I think you are right, this guy is really whacko and just a lying bastard. He appears to take great pleasure in putting other people down publicly and when it comes time for him to do anything or pay anyone it seems he just can't cough up which makes him look even more of a complete idiot.

I think that is a load of bullshit that you have been told. I think he has not produced the magazine because he has not paid for it. I have been told that is what happened in 2007 when the magazine did not come out. It did not get printed because he had not paid for it so the printer refused to print it. I mean why the hell would they accept any of his promises now? He also apparently promised the guy he bought into the magazine with a lot of money and never paid up that is why the guy left and his resignation is on the ASIC authorities site in Australia.

This guy is a weazel and now appears to owe so many people so much money its embarassing. What he seems to do is use his companies and trusts who are responsible for everything but those companies don't have any assets or money. He obviously syphons the money off for himself and milks the companies dry and there is nothing left to pay the bills or anyone with. It looks like he's been doing that for years but this time people have had enough. The magazine would be exactly the same thing. He has screwed everyone over and if people ask for their money back I bet they won't get it because the company will have no money.

One of his staff told me that he set up one of these Trusts as an employment company and said that if the staff leave they will not get paid because that company has no money. You can only guess that is why that person on the Australian News said they were not getting paid.

This guy is a criminal and should be reported to the government for serious investigation. He is a liar and a cheat and I reckon that magazine has gone down the gurgler because that is what he does.

Its interesting to see that every time these crooks get exposed they pretend they are christians. This guy and his wife are so far from christian its a sin. It will be an easy decision for St Peter when they front him.

Peter said...

I think anonymous is spot on. From what I know of this guy that is exactly what he does but look at his results. Even he should be able to see by his results that hes doing something wrong. I personally think his ego won't allow him to see or acknowledge that hes doing something wrong so it has become a viscious cycle a bit of a treadmill they can't get off.

Anonymous said...

What we don't know is just how many fires Schirmer is fighting behind the scenes. I know there was a lot happening when I was going to their seminars. You can tell that its just desparate money making business and now we find out its all just to fund their lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

I am astounded that this guy is still operating. He had an abundant life seminar in sydney recently with a handful of people at it but I think the price to attend this was somethign like $1500 to $10000. Can you imagine how bloody stupid some people are to blow that much money literally on "HOPE" because that guy did a sales job on them. I wonder if they approached any of his previous paying coaches to see what sort of service they get for their money. I bet not I bet they blindly went along believing everything the guy was telling them. I also bet that now he has their money they won't get anything but promises. There is nothing tangible about what the guy is selling and certainly not the Life Success stuff (or Abundant Life as he has renamed it now). Who would pay $10000 for a few books and a bit of hope from a guy that has been sued in court for misleading and deceptive conduct? He's got their money so he's running like hell now and I bet they don't have a hope in hell of getting near him now or getting any of it back if they wanted to.

Colin said...

Yes and the more people who pay him for stuff the more people who are going to be really pissed off with him eventually and the louder they'll squeal.

The bigger the crowd the louder the noise. Its all wonderful. This guy has no idea how to handle money or people. Like the guy on ACA said, he's giving us all a golden lesson in what not to do.

Jane Allen said...

I didn't realise that David and Lorna Schirmer run the Succeed Magazine. Now that I know I will stop buying them.

I don't support people who rip others off for their own gain and they obviously do so they get my vote of no confidence.

Anonymous said...

The Schirmers used to go to our church and they were a really weird family. They thought they were really good but you could tell that they were faking it. They have 6 boys and take everything they can get off people for nothing. They have a really bad name in the church in Qld where they used to go too everyone say the same thing about them. One of their sons is the same age as me and he sucks too. They make out that they know everything which is really embarasing and they drive flash cars that they think people don't know they are don't own. They have used a lot of people in the church and they are just horrible people. I can understand that some peole might think they are ok but thats because they fake it and good at talking. They are really very wrong people and its sad that some people get hurt because of what theyve done probably behind thier backs, they are good at that.

Anonymous said...

I know people who went to David Schirmers Mind & Money event in Melbourne where David Schirmer promised a book in his marketing and they have never received it. A guy by the name of Gerry Roberts was also there and told Schirmer to give the attendees a free book of his and he never did that either.

I also know of people who have paid to be a coach with the Schirmers who got and get bugger all support. What it appears to me is that once they've got your money they dont' want to know about you because you mean work and responsibility to them. Like all crooks they do it by hiding behind their company trusts, by not signing stuff and by what they have deliberately written in their trust deeds.

I can't believe people were stupid enough to go to their recent Abundant Life workshop and pay to become a Schirmer coach. For crying out loud they now look fools because what people are saying with

Traders not paid
Investors not paid
Wages not paid
Rent not paid
Suppliers not paid
Previous Magazine owner not paid
Lawyer not paid
Magazine not printed so subscribers not getting anything for their money
and god knows who else is claiming they aren't paid too. Probably owes the tax office loads too.

He told his clients that his company went under previously because he didn't pay his tax. Well DOH! what makes him so special that he doesn't have to pay any tax but everyone else does? And what other result did he expect? Then he boasted of winning over the tax office because he got out of paying most of that. The guy has the gall to boast publicly that his company going under was a good thing for him.

How could anyone who does that wonder why they are being sued? That is just so embarassing not to mention destructive to your credibility especially in the industries they are expecting to work. Oh thats right they have none. Well DOH to me!

You and I are complete idiots when people like this guy can do what he does and get away with it. Or will he? I hope enough people have spoken up about their outstanding debts to rid the industry of greedy crooks like this. These people deserve locking up.

Anonymous said...

Schirmer has got to belong to the Kingdom of Yahweh because they don't pay car registration or anything and they come from Melbourne, Australia. He thinks he's above the law and can manipulate the law to suit himself so he's probably part of that cult too.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Schirmer appear in court again recently? I thought he was taken to court by the group of people who he claimed weren't his investors. The document they were handed certainly said investors so I don't now how he got out of that one or if he did. Does anyone know the result of that?

Phillip said...

Schmickeads Financial Management Pty Ltd

Phillip said...

Schmickeads Financial Management Pty Ltd

Anonymous said...

Some friends told me that Schirmer was in the Supreme Court in Melbourne for the case against the Life Success investors and he was ordered to hand the business over but I don't think they want to make a thing of it. I think they want to give them time to hand things over honestly so everyone can get on with their lives. At least that is what this person said. I can imagine it would have been terrible for everyone because he would not acknowledge that he had done anything wrong. I mean for heavens sake people do the wrong thing all the time and acknowledge it but I guess it involved Bob Proctor too so it would have involved a lot of ego and saving face.

Phillip Jones said...

Got this off another blog and I think its pretty good.

"DO NOT invest with DAVID SCHIRMER or loan him any money without first contacting ASIC, he does not hold a FINANCIAL SERVICES LICENSE and despite telling many people that he doesn't need to, his actions in the past have proved that investing with him or loaning money to him in any form IS FRAUGHT WITH SERIOUS DANGER. He will very deceitfully gloss over the facts and gain your confidenence, before you know it you are another victim.

I refer you to ASIC's media release:

CA07-18 ASIC warns investors to be wary of high return investment schemes

Thursday 15 November 2007

This particularly applies to people like David Schirmer."

Look after yourself because they are not interested in you only your money. The money gives them some perceived power but they forget what they lose in the process.

Anonymous said...

This guy is apparently an XL life member and is the subject of a lot of NEGATIVE discussions and disappointment amongst its members. The fact that he has been exposed for running scams and has been exposed by the media for his lack of ethics in business and not paying his debts seems to be the cause and who can blame people for not wanting to be associated with people who do that? I found this on another site which pretty much sums up what this guy does.

"Scams protest their innocence, litigatious and mired in controversy. They spread lies, bully critics, attempt to suppress negative media and complaints and will go to extreme measures to mislead and confuse the community to keep the scam alive."

The fact that the guy has been charged in the Federal Court of Australia for misleading and deceptive conduct should be enough to stop all the questions and boot him out even if he is declaring his innocence. He HAS BEEN PROVEN GUILTY. Whatever anyone else accuses him of is paltry compared to that. To make matters worse the person who charged him with that was none other than Mr Bob Proctor, world wealth and mind guru which this guy can only dream about being like. Not saying Mr Proctor is a saint just saying there aint any controversy about unpaid bills with him. Lets face it that is the FIRST thing you need to get in order. The rest just follows.

I considered joining the organisation until I read that and now I intend to leave it alone. If they allow people like Schirmer to be part of their organisation then it speaks volumes about what their ethics are.

Johnathan said...

Did you see that guy called Carl James Asimus on ACA last night. He operates the same way as Schirmer. Doesn't sign stuff, hides behind trusts, doesnt own stuff in his name, fleeces people and says he has nothing, denies screwing people over, lies about everything, and he similarities go on and on......

These CONMEN are the parasites of our society and need locking up!

Oley said...

These guys are not NORMAL. They don't do NORMAL things, they don't think NORMAL, they don't talk NORMAL, they don't act NORMAL and they are not NORMAL. They have serious psychological issues that have never been dealt with.

You only have to look at their history and that of their families to uncover some root causes. The unfortunate thing is that those closest to them really have no idea what is going on because they have no choice but to buy into the crap they are being told.

Julie Evans said...

I object to what the last person said that "they have no choice but to buy into the crap they are being told". Of course they have a choice and that is what Schirmer teaches so that applies to him and his family first. If his immediate family claim ignorance then they are more stupid than we think they are now. If any of the family members are part of a company and hold a position in that company they are just as responsible as the guy himself.

As for others who say they have not received books and the like have you kept phoning them so much that they put their phones off the hook? That is what should be happening. If people are stupid enough not to listen to what others are trying to tell them and warn them about then they deserve to get caught.

If a company cannot as much as pay a phone bill they are running insolvent so why aren't the authorities doing something about these people?

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