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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Schirmer sues his Lawyer??? What the???

One of my Australian contacts has sent through a listing for the Supreme Court in Victoria and would you believe it......Schirmer is suing his Lawyer.  For years now Schirmer has been threatening and intimidating all the people that he screwed over by having this lawyer (Lederman) send out letters suggesting that he was going to bring them before the Supreme Court and other fire breathing antics that never amounted to anything other than hot air.

The Supreme Court listing is for the company that Schirmer set up to purchase the house that is seen in a number of the A Current Affair videos and the one that had been mentioned in a lot of his marketing crap.  And by "Marketing Crap" I really mean
 "MARKETING CRAP"!!  Never has so many lies and deceptive rubbish been written than what schirmer writes in this stuff.

However, I digress, back to the matter at hand.  Schirmers lawyer had a caveat over the proper for some reason (a guess would be that schirmer owed him money, easy guess really because that is what schirmer is forever being chased for!!) and now the property has been sold and there is obviously some problem in finalising matters that the lawyer is causing.  So in good schirmer fashion he even takes on his lawyer!!

When will the idiot scumbag ever learn that he has done something wrong!!!  In fact his every action is wrong, his ideas are wrong, he can't trade, he has no idea around money (other than taking others money and spending it) and the list goes on and on.  It would seem like he is hurtling towards a big bang, and the end will not be pretty, not that the present situation is pretty either.  Oh well, perhaps the law of attraction does work!!

Here is the direct link to the document, or here, and you will see schirmers action at the bottom of the document.

The following is an excerpt from a publicly available document from an Australian Government Authority that manages companies there, showing the caveat that schirmers lawyer had over schirmers property:


Anonymous said...

Well I've heard everything, he even thinks he will win against a lawyer who I believe is also a Barrister. He is also the lawyer that schirmer recommended everyone go to so heaven knows how many kickbacks he got from that lawyer for the clients who went to him. Schirmer just doesn't know when to stop and it is all to his own detriment because in the end all he will be known as is the jerk who FIGHTS everyone for everything so who the hell will want to do any business with him. I'll pass on this news.

Shane said...

The guy is so dumb, he fights like a school girl rather than sorting out his mess and getting on with business. He is so arrogant he can't afford to admit he is wrong so he's digging a deeper and deeper hole and we are watching him slowly sink into it.

Pam said...

I bet that lawyer is having a ball!

Anonymous said...

What was the outcome of this court case? I bet if Schirmer didn't win we won't hear a thing.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What happened with this court case anyway?

Anonymous said...

This guys the worlds biggest wanker. Keep him in Australia we don't want him here in the States screwing everyone over and messing with their minds. Theres enough to do it now without more coming.

Anonymous said...

Aha so he really isn't the millionaire that he has told the public he is. If his lawyer had a caveat over the property then he doesn't have any money to pay his bills. Simple, he has lied.

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