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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is this the hiding place?

According to some inside information just to hand this is where Schirmers business has gone to. These are the same place, but not sure of the correct way of addressing it:

C1 East Boundary Road,
Scoresby Industry Park,
Scoresby, VIC, 3179


Block C, Unit 1 (C1)
Janine Street (or East Boundary Road),
Scoresby Industry Park,
Scoresby, VIC 3179


Quill said...

Yes thats it!

It seems they can run but they cannot hide.

I have also heard that he's keen on getting to the US as quickly as possible and Canada might be a good entry option.

I would think that with as much unfinished business in Australia as he's got he ain't goin anywhere anytime soon except maybe to the slammer.

Coco said...

Hey Schirmer, you can't hide bro.

You wanted the world watching you and you got it. The one wee problem is that they can see what you are up to. Us Americans don't like no shit like you in our country so don't bother coming ok.

Amused Observer said...

That address is very clear on Google Earth street view. In fact you can look straight at the office that you mention. Pity the camera wasn't live we could have a water pistol and squirt him every time he walked out the door.

Anonymous said...

My gut tells me that Schirmer has been outsmarted by some of his current staff particularly those who he thinks are his closest allies. GNP rings loud and clear. My gut tells me that someone knows more about trading than he does and my gut also tells me that they are making the most of their association unbeknown to the guru man. Why else would they remain associated with a loser and a person who has no respect or credentials except that there is something in it for them? The ones who remain under the radar are the ones to watch. Will be interesting to see what the end result is. The guy is screwed but he just doesn't know how much yet.

Ken said...

Oh he's screwed, very screwed! He should have taken steps immediately to honor his promises that he made on Australian TV.

Coco, spot on. Clean up your act MATE otherwise you are not welcome in the USA.

Anonymous said...

No point hiding now or ever in fact there seems to be far too many people chasing them to ever lose sight of them.

Reminds me of the pesky rooster at the farm, he just won't leave you alone once he has his sights on you.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine what bullshit these people will be telling everyone soon.

We were taken to the depths of despair, the whole world was against us but we prevailed, those nasty people in the authorities and everyone wanting money from us thought because we (cough cough) had money that they could take it all from us but we have prevailed. We might not have the money but we have you people and God. Thankyou to all those wonderful loving emotionally recharging individuals out there who sent us flowers and chocolates but most of all your incredible love (money). We would like to say thankyou for being there for us now if you wouldn't mind I have this program called "Abundance Breakthrough Course" known passionately in our office as the loving ABC course just for you beginners. It will be $2997 for your incredible investment and be assured that I will be creating much much more that you will feel the need to buy once you have this amazing product. Thankyou from the universe of hard knocks.

Screw you!!

Anonymous said...

Make room at the top for episode six!

Apparently ACA is going to be showing it tonight--Sept 2!

Looks like someone--maybe Warren Henningsen?--is squealing on him big time!

Fabian said...

The ACA show was delayed in place of the big prickess story on Belinda Neil. Schirmer and Neil would make a good pair both as arrogant and twisted at each other and both totally deluded.

Look forward to episode 6

Anonymous said...

Forget about the hiding place, didn't you see that his employee exposed him on national TV in Australia last night?

Check out A Current Affairs sixth expose on Schirmer. They are seriously gone now and word has it that there is much more to come.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where the Schirmers have moved residence to? Aren't they supposed to be moving house soon from Templestowe in Victoria Australia to somewhere in the BUSH! The latest ACA expose said Schirmer is heading to the USA but God help him there, he'll need every bit of it. He's probably got some missus over there somewhere and he'll still get up and crap on about how amazing his wife is. What a loser, as if everyone doesn't know what he's up to. She must be just as big a loser to buy into his lying cheating crap.

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