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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The schirmer "Wealth Creation" lie is still unraveling

It has been a while, but sooner or later schirmer will offer up exquisite gems of his failures, incompetence and life of lies to all that can see the real conman within. I have been informed from a very reliable Australian source that shows that schirmer has reached the dizzy heights of business "success", an area in which he claims much "expertise", by moving into his garage at home!! Based on his previous history he probably stopped paying the rent and was kicked out.

Now somehow that is not the way I understood it to be. I thought you started in the garage, then moved out to bigger and better premises. In fact at schirmers "height" of business "success" he was telling the whole world how that his next move would be into his own massive building complex. But then schirmer always gets ahead of himself and plans and spends what he is expecting and not what he gets, and because he has a highly inflated value of the worth of himself and his products he keeps spending money that he will never have. And that only ends one way..........confined to your garage!!

So there you have it, living in a rented house and running your "Wealth Creation" business out of your garage.....that should ring a few bells about his "expertise". But I guess he still has the BMW M5 to fool people into thinking he is successful, although it is now an old M5.

At what point does his wife and family realise he is living a lie? Getting up and bullshitting about all the wealth and money he has when he has nothing has got to have some impact on those around him who know he has nothing other than what he stole of others and spent on himself.

* Apologies about all the words in "quotes", but that is done to emphasize those words that schirmer uses but which seem to have a completely different meaning to him than they do to the rest of the world.


Peter said...

Have you seen David and Zane Schirmers comments to a young guy Jordan Adair on facebook. They are so up their arses that family they think they are the experts on everything. It also looks like wanker Zane is following in his fathers footsteps with the church thing and all. At what point do these people get that they are NOT that important that people should take notice of them and I say good on Ant Gray whoever he is, he's actually GOT a brain. God they are such arrogant pricks. They will NEVER succeed in life because life is too small for them. Good to see that Schirmers snake oil is back where it belongs - in the GARAGE. How ironic.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this link - awesome truths about the Schirmer

J F said...

LOL Schirmer is still crowing about finding a parking spot in Melbourne. He said this on his facebook "Sure enough, a space right at the front door next to Vanilla & Nut shop! Still works! LOL to start with the shop it NOT called Vanilla and Nut only idiots like Schirmer would say that it is Villa and Hut and secondly it has been proven by a mathematician in Melbourne that it only takes maximum of 6 minutes to find a car parking space in any shopping centre no matter how busy it is. All you have to do is drive in, stop, wait and voila! Idiots like the Schirmers think they are some sort of freaks just because they find a carpark by chance at the door. They will never have anything those people because they live and believe in lies.

Anonymous said...

Schirmer is no better than Hoy or Chartwell enterprises that collapsed as a ponzi scheme in Victoria. Schirmer used people just the same to fund his lifestyle. The people who put their trust in him and believed the bullshit he was telling people about how successful he was etc. have to live with being conned by a person who claims to live a Christian life while not returning one cent to them. Schirmer is shameless and thats what he's now known for. I'd like to see him make good to every single person he took from but I'm afraid I hold no hope of that ever happening in his lifetime because he continually lies to people and lives a lifestyle which he cannot afford.

Shaggy said...

Zane Schirmer

I look up to my parents who are doing amazing things not only for me but for this country and this world.


If they were doing amazing things why have they appeared in court so many times for DECEPTION and DISHONESTY?

They even manipulate their kids so they cant see what they are doing. Evil at its worst.

SB said...

Yes that Saltydroid guy has good contacts and he hates this guy. He clearly knows more than most but the idiot started backing James Ray after those people died at James Rays death camp. How you could back someone after such a shocking thing happened is beyond anyone especially under the circumstances but it showed everybody that Schirmer was thinking only capable of himself. Whats new?

Anonymous said...

I just found out that a bunch of companies that apparently belonged to schirmer have strike off action against them. What a dickhead paying for so many shelf companies to feed his freakin ego. The only thing he has going through those companies is his ego. Wanker.

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