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Saturday, February 20, 2010

schirmer explains himself....

schirmer has this strange little habit of exposing himself every time he tries to either justify his existence or berate others for their wrong and stupid behaviour. A comment on Salty Droids blog brought this out and now you can read all of schirmers comments in a very different light. schirmer is a constant liar, and keeping this up plays awful tricks on his mind. The particular comments can be found in this post by a persons called _cartman_ and JC.

This is the what schirmer said in this post:

... look at their own stupidity of borrowing massive amounts of money with little or no assets, or spending their every cent on depreciating junk, or giving their well earned money to someone promising them crazy returns and never doing their own research!

To explain what schirmer is saying lets look at it part by part:

... look at their own stupidity of borrowing massive amounts of money with little or no assets,

Remember the palatial mansion that schirmer was parading before the media (thinking that he was getting himself some free advertising!!) and using in all of his marketing as proof of his great wealth and wealth building ability? Well guess what? I have been reliably informed that he borrowed almost the entire amount that was needed to purchase that property. And what assets did he have? NONE. None whatsoever!! That is why 2 years later he had to sell it. He is back to renting again, which is how he has lived most of his life. This from the "Guru" of wealth creation. Yes, he was correct, that is completely STUPID. But then again, schirmer is very good at STUPID.

or spending their every cent on depreciating junk,

While schirmer has been struggling to make ends meet he has been driving around in depreciating junk himself!! First a BMW M3 (as seen in The Secrete movie) and now in a BMW M5. These are 2 cars that depreciate at extraordinary amount, and now the M5 will no doubt become a millstone around his neck. So again he is explaining himself quite well in his little blog.

or giving their well earned money to someone promising them crazy returns and never doing their own research!

And this statement is the best of the lot. The videos on this site of his encounter with ACA showing exactly what he was doing to his so called clients. People had given him their money, where he had promised crazy returns, then went and spent it all on himself (carefully funnelled through various companies of course).

How can schirmer sleep at night?? He knows exactly what he is doing as he rips people off. His Platinum Super Traders is another example of offering crazy returns that he cannot fulfill. Then he writes about himself on his blog, but tries and pretends that it is someone else!! Psychotic comes to mind.


SAG said...

That is so well written and so very very accurate its scarey.

I met this guy years ago and went to one of his introductory seminars. I did not like the way he was sweetening up the lady who was working with him and then he would turn around and sweeten up his wife. If a guy cant be a man in public and know the difference between what is ethical and what is not then he is not worth any of my I never gave him any.

Needless to say everything that I thought about the guy in that instant proved true. He has lied to people, used people, abused people, stolen from people and blamed people for everything that he has done himself. The fact that he made it into the secret made me cringe because I just automatically thought, is he now USING Rhonda Byrnes? Not that I think she is a really good person either but I think she is a hundred times more moral than schirmer. I believe it wasnt long after I went to his seminar with his wife and his other lady that she left and I learnt that the company was put in liquidation. I was appalled at the discrepancy between what was coming out of that guys mouth and how he was living and I believe he was supposed to be attending some really strict church too. Maybe that was the problem. He is a horrible man that I know for sure.

Anonymous said...

I'd use the term malignant narcissist rather than psychotic, but whatever you call him this is one piece of scum that no-one, no-one should ever give a second of time to, let alone any money or trust.
Nice blog.

loserchaser said...

What has happened to this guy? Got him locked up yet? I notice that he owes the Australian Taxation Office a massive amount of money. Seems some people never learn because he was done for the same thing in 2004. What a loser

Wonderingaboutaloser said...

i cant believe just how completely stupid David Schirmer has proven to be. To think that once I used to go to his seminars and listen to his bullshit and really believe it. I have since thrown everything to do with him out and have found much more honest and ethical people to work with and its so refreshing. Keep up the good work of exposing this guy because theres a lot to expose that he sure wouldn't like out in the public. Just curious though, what happened to all his staff. I found most of them to be really good people who genuinely wanted to help you. I guess they got wise too.

Jason P said...

That secret of success image on your front page is awesome. Deepak Chopra says the best way to be successful is to make other people successful. This seems to be a lesson this guy, Schirmer, refuses to learn. It seems he wants it all for himself first and screw everyone else. He acts as if everyone has an obligation to make him rich. And the results are?????? He's screwed while everyone else just gets on with their lives and does the right thing.

Joe M said...

Schirmer obsessively and paranoidly removes every single negative comment about him that he can. He will threaten and berate anyone who has anything negative to say about him but what does that say about him?

A man of small mind and big ego. Some call it psychopathic others call it schizophrenic but either way this guy has real issues.

Anonymous said...

WOW this is the best blog on Schirmer. Does that guy have some history or what?????? I bet theres a few people around his old haunt who enjoy him being exposed. The guy is a thief in so many ways, he robs people of so much and none the least years of their lives. Its ironic really how his life has panned but knowing his family, not surprising. Isn't one of his brother currently doing time in jail? I think most of them have so it doesnt surprise me to see this guy no different to the rest, just operating in a different area. Maybe even a more sinister area.

Anonymous said...

the schirmers quoting marriage stories oh for christs sake. He would have to be the biggest bloody incessant philanders of the secret movie and the best at pretending hes got a perfect marriage and all is ok. these fools get better with time, hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I have personally met this guy and his wife. I have never met a more vindictive and disgraceful man in all my life. If he doesnt get his own way he turns to hate and vindictiveness instantly. And his foolish wife is manipulated to the point where she doesnt even know how to think for herself. You've got to feel sorry for her even though she is a fool. As for him, justice will come in one way or another, thats what he teaches and thats what he believes so he cant expect anything different. I was disgusted to see that they had now turned their manipulation to involvement with a church. That is the lowest of low act in my view. I have no sympathy for them and I have seen what they have done to lots of really great people.

wealthcreator said...

I'm sure there are plenty of people who would like to know what sort of an "education" Schirmer can assist you with. Give you a hint, it has NOTHING to do with making you rich.

Davo said...

Oh shit one of Schirmers sporns are going to university. Not even daddy could manage that much and the best he could manage was to tell the world that he was the world best guru of fuck all.

Anonymous said...

I have just been informed that David Schirmer has been BANNED FOR LIFE by the Australian Securities Commission for his trading business. Just shows you that you cant trust people who spruik and offer things that sound too good to be true. He was obviously a very deceitful person so good on everyone who persisted no exposing him. I hope he goes back into his hole where all moles belong.

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