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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rhonda Byrnes being sued ... maybe the Law of Attraction does work!!!

Now I know the secret.......and there is no doubt now that all the participants of this sorry tale called "The Secret" are driven by greed and self importance.  There has never been a shred of evidence to suggest that all the claims made by this soap opera caste have ever worked and now we are seeing without a doubt that it is the biggest con job ever pulled on this scale.

Now we see that the actual creator of the secret, a Drew Heriot, who put this whole thing together has been shafted by Rhonda Byrnes.  She made promises then never kept them.  Sound familiar?  Just like Schirmer she sucked in all the people she needed to get her little scam off the ground, and then when it worked she cut them all out of the profits that had been generated by those people.  Now we know the the law of attraction and every other law that has been touted since then is nothing more than a mechanism by which to extract maximum effort, time and money out of others to keep your own pockets lined.  The whole concept is based on SELF, which everyone knows is the exact opposite of what is needed for this world to live in harmony.  Self promotes self over and above others around you and gives you a sense of superiority, which eventually leads to justifying ripping everyone off.

So now Rhonda Byrnes is finding herself in court, being sued by Drew Heriot.  See the court document here.

Also see a very good article about this by Cosmic Connie at her blog here.  She also has a very good article on the new cosy relationship between Schirmer and Joe Vitale, two of the best snake oil merchants around in this industry.

One thing is for sure, Schirmer is quickly associating with those just like him, and is now starting to reveal his real colors


Anonymous said...

This is all just so hilarious. And the public are now saying "AS IF WE DIDN'T KNOW!"

People like Schirmer and Byrnes (interesting how they are two Aussies.....) saw the dollar signs like never before and it ate at them. There was no one for me one for you, it was all one for me one for me one for me one for me.....

I just wonder what they have to say about the laws of attraction now. I can bet that they are saying that "they saw the dollars and want some of it" Aha, it's just a little too late for the evidence is soooooooooooooooo overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

Hey did you also see that Drew Heriot is creating a new Movie called "The Rub of Attraction" and its a satirical look at the secret. I guess, taking the piss out of the secret. Had to happen.....I doubt theres a shred of truth behind those in it so it just had to happen.

Anonymous said...

Yes if you listen to Schirmers 7 Steps program he tells an awful lot about himself just by talking. He makes out he has a story that is worth everyone listening to but what he doesn't realise is that he is really telling everyone an awful lot about his own thought process and lack mentality and I doubt he has changed. The amount of times he mentioned people gave him things or helped him out and he even asked for help because he had no money. Now what does that say about him? The man, the husband, the partner, the son, the father, the person who had the same responsibilites as everyone else in life but others were doing what they were supposed to and not asking for help why? Because they did not expect it. I doubt anything has changed because first you have to change the thought then you have to change the man and that is where pride and ego get right in the way. I don't think this guy knows anything about his mind at all.

Anonymous said...

The lot of them are a bunch of self absorbed fools. Where in any of the laws of the universe does it say that you should make a promise and then reneg? Huh Huh, nowhere you say? Right then these people knew exactly what would happen if they did that so it is impossible for anyone to feel sorry for them. I say GO DREW HERIOT if Rhonda Byrnes has screwed you over then screw her right back because that is the law of attraction.

Anonymous said...

My family knew the Schirmers years ago and it seems their reputation precedes them. Nothing has changed, still the same lying cheating deceitful bastard he always was. Just become a bit more brazen I would say.

Anonymous said...

The law of attraction does work. Schirmer deliberately went out of his way to steal from people who trusted him and who worked their backsides off for him and his business. What he is getting back now is nothing more than what the universe is delivering. I know someof the people who he screwed over and also know some of his family. David Schirmer has been a deceitful bastard for years and years and he will say and do anything to make himself appear to be right when nothing could be further from the truth. If you want to know the truth start asking around Toowoomba in Australia and then Melbourne becuase that is where he has spent most of his time. Because of what he has done he will for the rest of his life have to suffer the consequences of deliberately screwing over people. He says he believes in God but that is just a cover he uses to manipulate people to believe him because there is nothing about what he does that tells anyone that he is genuine or has a conscience. David Schirmer is drive by Greed and Money and it has screwed up his life so much that he has lost almost all his friends, all the people who did business with him and his staff keep walking out at a fast pace. What David Schirmer will never tell you is that he set up companies so that he could take money for himself when that money was supposed to have been used to pay his business debts. This was done very deliberately and very calculated and behind everyones back. Now he will suffer the consequences of his deceit and will never be forgiven for taking some people to the depths of despair financially and emotionally just to satisfy his own greedy self. David Schirmer believes he can have a business and not be responsible for paying any debts and that he is entitled to a million mansion. What the fool did not realise is that nobody would care what sort of house he had or car or anything else IF he didn't screw anyone over BUT seeing is was all deliberate, he will pay for the rest of his life.

Anonymous said...

Byrnes being sued is not surprising because the secret was just repackaged information but you have to admit it was a pretty damn smart marketing exercise.

Isn't it interesting how these people who were included in the secret are now being exposed for being just as human as you and I so why is anyone giving them a "teacher" or "guru" status?

They deserve whatever is coming their way because they have affected millions of people.

Anonymous said...

I believe these people partake in SENSATIONALIST MARKETING which I totally object to.

Any sensationl marketing claims (by sensationalist I mean - stretching the truth - to the point that it seriously affects other peoples lives and causes them to do things without any consideration for the consequences or just who it will benefit) can and will more than likely seriously hurt these peoples reputation in the eyes of the industry in which they work.

Maybe ask yourself, has this already happened?

What sort of reputation do they have now?

What sort of claims are they making in their marketing and websites and emails that seem sensationalist (totally stretching the truth for the purposes of selling something to make money)?

How much of what they are saying is true? You can find all of this information out for a small fee and believe me it's worth it. Find out what is truth and judge for yourself BEFORE you make any decision to believe what they are saying to you or spend any substantial amounts of money.

For instance, I might say that I am a multi-millionaire but how do you prove that? I might have just a few hundred thousand dollars of my real money in a property and I have borrowed the rest so I can claim to be a multimillionaire because people drive past and see that I am living in a multimillion dollar home. Simple, so I claim that I am a multi millionaire, too easy.

The same can be said about the luxury cars. I go to the BMW or Mercedes dealership and I want to buy a car, I trade in my old falcon and borrow the rest from the car dealer either myself or through my company and pay it off for the longest possible period and with the highest possible residual but hey I can now claim to own a luxury motor vehicle also.

So now I have the multimillion dollar home and I also have the luxury cars and so it goes. I can now put that in my marketing and sensationalise it as much as I like because I can show people where I'm living and what I'm driving BUT only the people who dig much deeper find out the truth behind those claims.....aha, so now you begin to see some of lies.

This is exactly how these people are making the sensational claims that they are.

Not only that when they market their products they make claims of ridiculous returns why? because they twist the facts and borrow money for leverage and for margin lending and for everything else they possibly can to make it as sensational as possible when in fact that is not healthy or safe or right for most people particularly NOW.

One day out of the blue when things go belly up suddenly the mansion and the luxury cars don't feel quite so special anymore and they have to face the possibility, but even worse the humulity of having to admit that they cannot afford them. That is the FEAR that these people live with the most and why they never admit to falsifying any claim they make despite the evidence in black and white right in front of them. These people are drive by EGO and GREED.

Be careful of SENSATIONALIST MARKETING because these people have no respect or care for anyone that they target, they think only of themselves and how the next payment can be made to pay for their million$ home and luxury cars and if they get desperate enough they will even ask friends to pay for things for them but they will refuse to give anything of their own up first. In fact they will refuse to give anything that they falsely think is theirs up for any debts even if they themselves created the entire mess and this is where their downfall finally comes and that is what we have authorities for.

So be very careful of what you read in any marketing or on any web sites and ask yourself if it is really true. And the old saying....


Anonymous said...

What do you mean the law of attraction might work, of course it works.

These people knew from the very beginning that anything that they did would be judged by everyone and everything that they did out of greed and selfishness would end up exactly how it has.

There aren't any surprises, they are getting everything according to the law of attraction. I think that guy in Australia should be pretty scared because there seems to be a growing number of people totally pissed off with his ethics. Oh that's right he doesn't have any well pissed off with him.

What a moron thinking that he could take peoples money and just start up more companies and operate out of that. I congratulate that guy on the last video saying that his investors are determined, why wouldn't they be and why shouldn't they be. This guy seems a real devious bastard and he can't help himself.

Maybe he needs some psycho help because what he's doing is not what normal honest people do who know that the law of attraction states that what you give out you get back.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's all coming right back at them because they intended to make as much money as they could and not give it to anyone no matter how deserving or how long they have been waiting or how much their lives have been destroyed.

Here's a good article in a Jewish Newsletter.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who wants to understand why these people do what they do should read this book:

It is the book that inspired the secret and is nothing like the secret. It is the most amazing book I have ever read and I can assure you that its worth every cent. Go and buy one and see for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Poor David's on his blog right now whining and wondering aloud WHY people aren't subscribing to his stupid magazine. (Not very positive-thinky, is it? He's stopping just short of saying, gee, my new magazine is TOTALLY TANKING and I can't figure out WHY!)

It's very funny. Especially since the answer is right under his nose--and in fact incorporates his nose, as well as pounds and pounds of ugly fat surrounding his nose.

WAKE UP, DAVID! Anything with your name on it is POISON! THAT'S why people aren't subscribing! They just don't want to attract SWEATY DESPERATION and GREED into their lives!

Anonymous said...

He has another court appearance in July for mediation over his 7 steps program. I think this guy just goes copying everyone elses work and thinks he can get away with it. I know he bragged at a seminar once about buying all of demartinis products so you can imagine he'll be next. The guys a dickhead to even think it's ok to do such things. Why doesn't he write his own book, he was going to but that was another fake promise to the people who went to his mind and money event.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Schirmer want to be associated with his own magazine? That is really weird. Is he affraid that no-one will buy it if his face is in it? I don't know anyone who buys it now. I just checked it out in the newsagent and its just full of new age crap and I think his own staff write comments in it to fill it up. It just looks so second rate.

Anonymous said...

Looks like ACA are not finished with this guy yet, he is now listed under their "Special Investigations". No doubt they have a lot more dirt to spread around yet.

Anonymous said...

Oh the law of attraction works alright, these guys just visualised all the money coming in long before the thing was even completed now they are fighting over the money. Well, that is what they visualised.

Anonymous said...

You'll have to change your picture soon because Schirmers office is about to move YET AGAIN!!!!! God knows why but I could guess and say that he either isn't paying rent or can't afford to pay rent. There is no financially beneficial reason for any business to move yet again after such a short time. I"m sure someone will come up with a new address soon enough.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this guy is still operating. Either he has money stashed out of the country or he is not paying anyone but himself. Either way he won't have much for long if he doesn't pay his debts and I will be one of the hundreds of well wishers sending him on his way to his cell. He is a greedy bastard who only ever thinks of himself.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what is happening with this court case? That Schirmer guy from the secret has a mediation case this month too. Will be interesting to see how all these court cases pan out because it certainly does not bide well for the secret. I thinks its life has pretty much expired anyway now. Anyone elses thoughts?

Anonymous said...

I just looked up David Schirmer on Wikipedia and it looks like the management have suspected him of deleting and altering stuff on their site. The more desperate he becomes to win at all costs the more of a loser he becomes. He's pretty much ground to a pulp now, you know the type of crap you wipe off before you go inside.

This is what it says on the wiki talk page for schirmer

"Article talk pages should not be used by editors as platforms for their personal views." I also refer to the entry on The Secret found here: The_secret, which documents David Schirmer's undergoing investigation by the Australian Securities Investment Commission. Whilst this investigation is still ongoing, there are enough doubts raised to warrant a deletion of this page. This page reads like some marketing fluff, and there is no reference to the ASIC investigation. A more cynical part of me raises the idea that either David himself or a friend of his has changed this page to remove any negative commentary on him and replace it with an unreferenced, biased and rather hard to swallow piece of grandstanding. 22:51, 16 September 2007 (UTC)"


Anonymous said...

Apparently Schirmer's house is up for sale...;p=10&t=res&ty=&fmt=&header=&cc=&c=24151565&s=vic&snf=rbs&tm=1215421280

Anonymous said...

This case made the headlines in Melbourne today. I think everyone involved in this sort of crap should take heed because its going to teach someone a huge lesson. It would not surprise me to see some of these people owing their own personal staff money in serious shit because they lied to them big time. In fact something tells me that one of them owes their employees and cannot pay them and they have done this many times but this time they know that their head is on the chopping block and it will be chopped.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the comments in the Sydney morning herald about this case. It seems that Byrnes is trying to stop Heriot holding the case in the US and is saying that most of the people who worked on it were Aussies YET Schirmer claims elsewhere that he and Rhonda Byrnes were the only Aussies on the production. Like if it suits CLAIM IT.

Schirmers house is also up for sale and they are apparently moving out of their rented warehouse to god knows where.

Anonymous said...

The lot of them are embarassing wankers who need to get a life and that Schirmer guy comes across as a freak who loves himself and doesn't give a shit about anyone else. His little stunt of flying the Jesus flag to get some sympathy did it for me. Anyone who deliberately does that is asking to have their whole damn future destroyed because I find that sadistic to say the least about it. There was something about the way that Schirmer guy boasted about what he had and his wife looked as if she was embarassed because she knew it was a lie. I'm not a believer and I could be wrong in my assumptions but it just looked really odd to me. You don't see people in those sorts of positions crapping on like that if they have really made it. It looked a first class wankerdom stunt and they failed misterably at convincing people of their lies.

Anonymous said...

I see that Byrnes lost her case to have the all out fight heard in Australia so she's got to fight it out in America now. Look I don't know who is right or who is wrong but from everything that has come out since the dirt on Schirmer it does not surprise me if the whole thing is shown as a fake in the end. Byrnes has already been accused of plagiarising the book so I wonder who else she has shut up to ensure she keeps her millions. If their intentions when they created the secret was that everyone would benefit then to be accused of plagiarism and stealing the profits only shows that they really didn't understand their own intentions. Its funny what people do when they suddenly come into money. They just don't knwo how to handle it. I think Schirmers understanding of money it very twisted. It looks like he spends what he is visualising that he is going to get before he even gets it and that has caused probably hundreds of people to suffer. That is very wrong and should be brought to the attention of the authorities because that is simply using people for your own benefit. If he had made good not at the expense of anyone else (i.e. been able to pay his bills first) then everyone would have given jack shit to what he did with his money.

Anonymous said...

By the way where is Schirmer now? Didn't he have to move from his house and his office? Is he being run out of town? He needs to be shut down not just run out of town and I hope the authorities step in real soon to stop the carnage from this one mans greed.

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